Absolutely the best Beef Noodle on earth!


Tangkak beef noodle is the best!

As a teenager, I grew up in a small town called Tangkak. See Map. There are nothing much about this drab and boring town where you can count the number of main streets with just one hand! Tangkak is pretty much an agricultural town where vegetables and fruits are in abundance and where agricultural wholesalers would set up their headquarters for world dominance. Over the years, it has grown to be the textiles capital of Malaysia where you could expect busloads of visitors from other towns to pay their homage to this Mecca of textiles every weekends. Notoriously, it is also known as the “Ah Long” capital of the South! Well, if you ever need for a quick cash advance or loan, do head to Tangkak and you will probably not leave empty handed! At the very least, you could get some cheap curtains for your house.

Amidst all these sophisticated commercial and financial happenings, Tangkak is also famous for it’s beef noodle. I have been frequenting this heavenly food for ages, ever since I could remember, when the proprietor was operating from his drain-side stall to his present double-storey shop-lot. He is now managing a chain of these beef noodle shops through his sons and daughter with branches in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Kluang. I have to admit, the beef noodle is really good, especially the soup and I can confirm, the secret is in the soup!

One can order a bowl of the beef noodle with the options of having a few different type of noodles, may it be yellow noodle, rice vermicelli, kway teow (flat rice noodles) or none of the above. As for the meat, one can opt for the soft boiled beef with beef tendons and/or the boiled beef tripe. The taste of the soup is most optimal at around mid-afternoon when the sweet taste of beef has been blended well with the boiling herbal soup. For a hearty and satisfying meal, opt for the all-in beef/tendon/tripe noodle with rice vermicelli. They tasted the best with the red ground chili paste. If you are game for hotter stuff, do ask for the blended “chili padi” and garlic mix. It will surely make your day.

If you are a beef noodle connoisseur, this is one beef serving that you shouldn’t miss out on! Least you will regret for the rest of your life. Bon Appetit!

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