Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009

Mifw 00

Ai Tominaga, the New York-based Japanese supermodel made an appearance at Malaysia International Fashion Week yesterday. She is shown here modeling a dress from IKA.

Malaysia International Fashion week kicks off in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur yesterday, with Japanese supermodel, Ai Tominaga making a special catwalk appearance for quite a number of local and regional brands. Besides her and our very own home grown models, there are also another 10 top Chinese models, specially flown from Beijing, China. It’s a feast for the eyes as these models brought along with them years of experience on the runways and the fame and glamor attributed with models in general. I am sure this will spur our local models and wannabe models to strive for the stars and make their dreams come true, be it here or in New York.

Malaysia International Fashion Weeks has been a yearly event for designers, buyers and fashion business for the past 7 years. It is the place to be if you are in fashion related business in Malaysia. For more information please go to their website:

I will be updating this website with some write-up and photos during the duration of this event. This event will end on 8th November 2009.

Mifw 02

This spectacular design was gracefully showcased by this Chinese model on the runway. This intricate and beautiful dress was created by designer Bo Tao. It's amazing to see how a dress could be presented in such an exquisite and bewitching way. All credits to the designer and the model.

Mifw 12

Another exquisite design from Bo Tao of China. Whether it's wearable or practical, it's another story. The point is: it's spectacularly conceived and very Chinese in character.


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