YAWA-Kiehl’s Biodiversity Eco-Camp


Group photo of all the young participants, organizer and celebrities that made the recently concluded YAWA-Kiehl's Biodiversity Eco Camp a success.

14th Nov 2009. The day started with a long bus ride from Kiehl’s office to Gunung Nuang camping ground. As we were approaching our destination, the weather turned south and started to rain. I began to worry that the day’s planned outdoor activities with the young participants would have to be postponed or worst, canceled. When we reached the main entrance of Gunung Nuang Forest Reserve, the rain was still relentless, not too heavy but just enough to irritate you, kind of like mosquitoes hovering around you for blood. Than it dawned upon me…… if we don’t take care of our mother earth, the environmental pollution, the deforestation, the diminishing ozone layer, global warming and the man-made pollutants would eventually caused major climate change that may alter our lives forever.

Natural disaster that were caused by our own ignorance should be avoided at all cost. Therefore the humble rain that brought so much misery and some fun for the young participants of YAWA’s Biodiversity Eco Camp had set the stage for the events that were to follow for the rest of the day.


Kiehl's participants traveling to the Eco Camp on board the charter bus.


Aishah Sinclair briefing the newly arrived guests on the proceedings of the day.


The sombre weather failed to dampen the spirit of Soo Wincci and Zoe. They were seen here eagerly awaiting the programs of the day, in the rain!


Rows of the neatly constructed tents for the Eco Camp participants.


The celebrities and the Kiehl's participants enjoying the show put up by the young participants.


YAWA Eco Drum Circle performing to the thunderous applause of the audience.


Yasmin and her team heading out to the trail in search of the 6 elusive plants that they had to find in order to complete the find and match the plants challenge.


Participants comparing the given photos to one of the plant they found along the trail.


A young participant leading Yasmin on the trail to find that elusive plant.


Azizi explaining the differences of the plant to that of the photos.


Soo Wincci and her team in a group photo after their match the plants challenge.


Azizi and his team posing for a team photo.


Yvonne and her cute team.


Yasmin and her team posing with an energetic acrobatic jump.


One for the album.


A walk in the park for the participant of the tree climbing workshop. Participants were shown how to accent a tree using ropes and harness and the safety aspect of the sport.


A "heart stopping" experience for one of the participant of the "swollen" river crossing workshop.


Azizi crossing the "swollen" river during the workshop.


This had to be one of the most memorable presentation given by the participants of the Eco Camp. Here they were seen explaining the consequences of global warming to the mighty icebergs and the cute penguins. They even brought a "corpse" of a penguin to prove their points. A photograph of the dead penguin's parents were also shown to the audience to remind them on the effect of global warming to you and me.


Nadia showing the participants the limited edition book prize they would receive for winning the recycle challenge presentation.


Yvonne of Kiehl's giving out the prize to members of the winning team.


Participants giving the hi-five to the Eco Camp.


Yasmin and Aishah gave a lasting performance to the participants of the Eco Camp. Here they were seen portraying the ever popular Princess Padme Amidala of planet Naboo and Obi-Wan Kenobi (female version) respectively.


  1. The Camp looks great. Participants enjoying themselves & doing environmental activities WITH the celebrities. That’s cool. Must have more of these kind of interaction & activities. It creates an impact.

    • The “Save Our Rare Earth” Eco Camp by itself was a brilliant idea. The Eco Camp with the support of corporate sponsors and the participation of celebrities made it an even more memorable experience for the young participants. Youths today look up to the celebrities as their role models; what the celebrities do and what they say lend more credibility to the “cause” than what their parents can say, teachers can teach and the government can enforce. As you said, doing environmental activities and interaction WITH the celebrities create an even bigger impact of the Save Our Rare Earth’s message to the youths. It’s beyond monetary measurement and it gave a lasting impressions to the future leaders of our planet. And so far our planet, is the only inhabitable place that we know of as of today. If Earth is sick, it spells doom for our future generation. So take care of it, NOW! This is the real MESSAGE of the “Save Our Rare Earth” Eco Camp.

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