Gary Player – Truly an International Ambassador of Golf!

A true gentleman of golf, Gary Player was in Kuala Lumpur recently to attend the Asia Pacific Golf Summit. He is one of golf most recognizable name and is also known as the Black Knight, Mr. Fitness, the International Ambassador of Golf and The World’s Most Traveled Athlete™.

The Asia Pacific Golf Summit was recently held at the Putrajaya International Convention Center in Malaysia from the 26th to 28th of October 2009. The Summit had brought in many prominent and famous personalities in the golf and golf related industries. Among them was Gary Player, one of the most famous international golfing personality, whom during his peak professional golf career had won a record 24 PGA Tour’s win and 9 Major Championships. At 73 years old, he still cuts a dashing figure and good looks with a forceful presence. During his short stopover in Kuala Lumpur recently, he had managed to impress many fans and golf aficionados with his quick wit and passionate plea for healthy lifestyle, healthy food and constant maintenance of fitness level. No wonder he is such a fit man at the age of 73!

Excerpt from World Golf Hall of Fame:

Gary Player was born Nov. 1, 1935, in Johannesburg, South Africa, the third of three children to Harry and Muriel Player. His father was a captain in a gold mine who spent most of his working life 12,000 feet underground. His mother was a well-educated woman who died of cancer when Gary was eight. Player wrote that her loss “has been a means for me, as it were, to settle some unfathomable debt.”

He chose to try to pay it back as a golfer, although he didn’t take up the game until he was 14. He turned professional in 1953 at age 18 and quickly won several times in Africa, Europe and Australia. In 1957, he came to America, and upon seeing how far the game’s best professionals hit the ball, intensified his exercise regimen, weakened his hooker’s grip and set about learning how to carry the ball farther. The next year he won the Kentucky Derby Open and was heartened by a second-place finish at the U.S. Open, where his idol, Ben Hogan, locked him with a stare and said, “Son, you are going to be a great player.”

Gary Player delivering his summit wrap-up in the recently concluded Asia Pacific Golf Summit at the Putrajaya International Convention Center, Malaysia.

Gary is not selfish when it comes to sharing his skills and passion. Gary Player: "The harder you practice the luckier you get."

For many, it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to photograph with the legend: Gary Player

A sequence of shots (1-4) by the Master at the Mines Golf City.

A sequence of shots (5-8) by the Master at the Mines Golf City.

Gary walking on the green during a torrential downpour at the Mines Golf City.

Gary Player: "I've studied golf for almost 50 years now and know a hell of a lot about nothing."

His energy is boundless and his fitness is of a level 30 years younger than his age! He is seen here jogging on the greens to get to his golf ball.

Everywhere he goes, Gary has managed to raise funds for the impoverished and the underprivileged. Todate, The Player Foundation has managed to raise more than USD30 million worldwide in support of his cause.

For a celebrity status golfer, he is really down-to-earth and friendly. The Writer with Gary, soaking wet under the rain.


  1. yeah, these are great pictures.
    it is looking very interesting.
    thank you for the post.

  2. Gary Player yaa Truly he is an International Ambassador of Golf,further a perfect gentleman.

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