Siem Reap – the gateway to Ancient Angkor

Sunrise as seen from the moat fronting Angkor Wat.

The MAS flight from KLIA to Siem Reap took roughly about 2 hours. The flight was delayed by about 30 minutes due to technicalities but we really had a blast with the service and food provided by Malaysia Airlines. This was the first time we took a short regional flight with MAS via KLIA. For roughly the same fare (if not less) it’s really better off than flying with Air Asia. Now everyone can fly…. and fly with style…. And KLIA is so much more comfortable than LCCT by miles…..

The colorful interior of the MAS's 737 plane.

Tourists disembarking from the plane at Siem Reap International Airport.

The Tuk-Tuk is the most common mode of transport in Siem Reap. Although taxis and private cars are available, it's much more fun to use the Tuk-Tuk which is very unique to Cambodia.

The sculpture of a group of men trying to mount what appears to be a giant horse, although the head looks a bit like Nessie the Loch Ness monster.

The Golden Mango Inn is a family run Inn that provides all the basic necessity of a bed and breakfast hotel. The beds are quite decent but the breakfast is really basic (bread and hot drinks only). So don't expect too much and you will not be disappointed. However the newly opened family restaurant is really awesome - the price is competitive and the food is better than most of the established restaurants in the city. Their beef Loc Lak and Amok fish are highly recommended.

The room is neat and clean. The beds are quite decent and the mattress are very soft and comfortable. And you get to access excellent wireless internet from the comfort of your room. For the excellent service and the friendly staff, there is no reason for anyone to ever complain. The only quirk is: you have to remove your shoes before entering the hotel. It's only a small price to pay but you will get a very clean hotel!

A beautifully constructed statue in the middle of a roundabout. You will almost certain to see this sight every time you go to one of the many temples around Siem Reap.

Tropical fruits are plenty in the land of wonder.

A very unique way of selling - the sellers sat on the platform together with their wares.

A very unique combination - rattan baskets, salted fish and sausages.

Close-up of the different sausages and dried seafood.

Live cockles sprinkle with fried chili flakes - ready to eat at your nearest road side stall. Although they look tempting, I rather avoid them to avoid any potential food poisoning.

The packaging are really nice and creative. One could purchase all the famous Cambodia's spices like Khmer Curry, Amok, Chili powder, Saffron, Cinnamon and the famous Kom Pot Pepper from the many stalls situated inside and outside the old market (Phsar Chas).

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