Chinese New Year Celebration in Kuala Lumpur

Chinese New Year is a yearly celebration to usher in the new year based on the lunar calendar.

This is the time of year when Malaysian of Chinese origin will celebrate the Chinese New Year. In 2010 we will celebrate and welcome the year of the tiger.

It is also known as Spring festival or Lunar New Year for the many Chinese population around the world. In Kuala Lumpur, this celebration is usually preceded with extensive and elaborate decorations by the many shopping malls throughout the city and suburbs.

Following are some photographs to remind us of the varied and creative cultural interpretation of this centuries old celebration.

Lion dance is one of the most sought after cultural activity during the Chinese New Year celebration. The Chinese believe the lions will bring in good luck and prosperity for their homes and businesses during this festival.

Top view of the streaming lanterns at KLCC Suria mall.

Lanterns and Chinese folding fans are the main decorative items for Bangsar Village II shopping mall.

A bottom-up view of the geometric perspective formed by the lanterns.

Beautiful maidens posing under the colorful decorative lanterns at The Curve.

Bamboo, colorful lanterns and the Chinese courtyard are the main decorative settings at The Curve.

At the Pavilion, they chose to highlight the beautiful Chinese bonsai landscape and the Chinese heron.

Spring is in the air at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

More lanterns and flowers at the entrance of the mall.

The Gardens mall has some of the most beautiful and intricately designed lanterns and cutout paper art on display.

The beautiful decoration at the Gardens mall.

At 1 Utama Shopping Center, the cat is the center of attraction to usher in the year of the tiger.

Happy Chinese New Year 2010 everybody!


  1. Wow! I love the shots, totally got me into it! And amazing lens to take such a wide angle.

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