2010 Earth Hour in Kuala Lumpur

A night view of Kuala Lumpur 2 iconic landmarks - KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers just before 8:30PM; the designated time to unplug and lights-out for cities participating in the Earth Hour's symbolic fight against climate change and the preservation of the environment for the future generations. The photo above was taken from the Lookout Point in Hulu Langat, Selangor. GPS coordinates are N03˚07.755 E101˚47.659. Elevation @ 273m.

Earth Hour in progress: Only the beacons lights of the KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers are visible after the lights-out starting at 8:30PM.

Malaysian observed Earth Hour for the third consecutive year last night. Many more organizations are taking part in this year event judging from the lights-out of the KL skyline this year. Hopefully this event is not just a gimmick by the government and the private sectors to publicize their participation for the sake of conforming to world wide pressure for the fight against climate change. It’s getting hotter by the day in Malaysia and many countries are facing severe drought right now. Now is the time for us to get serious about climate change and we should do our part in preserving the environment and for the future of Earth – the only place that all the 6 billion of us called home. Time to talk is over! Now more than ever, action speaks louder than words. We should treat every hour in our life as Earth Hour and not just during this symbolic event and it will go a long way in preserving our mother Earth. Happy Earth Hour everyone.

A dramatic view of Kuala Lumpur skyline at 6:50PM on 27/03/2010.


  1. I really love your pictures here – but the last one with the sun rays coming through is just awe inspiring! Great JOB!!!!

    • Thanks Melanie,
      I love your writing and photos in your posts. I am sure you will get published soon. Best of luck.

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