Michael Schumacher blazed Kuala Lumpur City Center with impressive F1 Street Demo

Michael Schumacher, the 7-time Formula 1 World Champion, although out of action for 3 years, is still the crowd favorite in the Petronas Formula One Street Demo. He is seen here exiting the pit for the start of the eagerly anticipated street demo.

In conjunction with the coming 2010 Formula One PETRONAS Malaysian Grand Prix, PETRONAS has lined up a series of “Pit Pulse” activities to hype up the promo. Centred at Jalan Binjai in KLCC, the PETRONAS Pit Pulse event will host a bunch of activities including promotion, merchandising booths and exhibits, go-kart and F1 simulator challenge as well as live performances by Malaysia’s top artistes. For more information go to their website:

However the main highlight and THE must-see event of the week was definitely the Formula One Street Demo. This is the first time Petronas is staging the F1 demo on the street of Kuala Lumpur. No details were too small or overlooked in planning and staging this FREE public event. Even a fully functional pit stop was constructed at the Pit Pulse for the viewing pleasure of the public. And when the weather was not cooperative, free rain ponchos were distributed to the public. What else could you ask for? A free message maybe…..

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A close-up shot of a happy fan and his trophy signature from the man himself. He is even dressed in Mercedes-Benz T-shirt and Cap bearing the name of Michael Shcumacher. Good stuff man! I am happy for him.

The pit crew preparing for the arrival of Shucmacher as he is seen on the big screen, blazing the street around Kuala Lumpur City Center.

Pit Crew scrambled to replace the tires on Schumacher's mean machine. Don't you wish you are the lollipop man?

He is really passionate with his machine judging from the way he handle the car and the way he took complete control of the steering wheel. He could maneuver the car at any directions he chose and at such high speed in the confine of the small little arena.

Michael Schumacher doing a 360° turn (aka donut) to the applause of the appreciating crowds.

The crew pushing the car back to the pit.

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Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes GP F1 car.

Nico making an exit to the street of Kuala Lumpur for a roaring demo.

Nico zooming in for a tires change.

Pit Stop action for Nico Rosberg.

A reflection of the Petronas Twin Towers could be seen from the visor of the pit crew.

Nick Heidfeld inspecting the "track" before the start of his event.

Nick Heidfeld taking the No. 10 Classic Silver Arrow from another F1 era (1954 to be exact) for a spin on the street of KL to the delight of the crowds. I just love this machine. It's really beautiful, sexy and evoke the romantic feeling of the long lost racing heritage and the legendary racers of the 30's.

Even the safety car (the latest and greatest from Mercedes-Benz - SLS AMG) is impressive with its moves. I will take this car any day. 🙂

Melvin Moh from the PETRONAS Formula Xperience (PFX) Racing School Series.

Demo by "Kap Chai" team. I hope prospecting Mat Rempit could learn a thing or two from them - positive things I meant.

This is how you burn rubber on the "track". The smell is intoxicating and "macho".

Performance by Supercross team.

Motorcycle riders having fun on the "track".

Time to go back to the pit.

Good bye guys..... I hope Petronas will bring back this event next year. It's exhilarating, full of excitement and really really fun!

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