Rip Curl and Mooks Spring/Summer Seduction @ KLCC

Rip Curl & Mooks presented their Spring/Summer collection at the KLCC center court yesterday. Katerina is seen here modeling the latest clothing line from them.

It was quite a good and lovely day yesterday and the entire photography and blogger gang decided to drop by at KLCC and swarmed the center court with rows of 2-step ladders and the latest photographic equipment money can buy. Although we are not professional photographers, our equipments and our skills could rival or even surpass that of full time photographers. We are a diverse group of professionals (in others fields – Engineers, Managers, Doctors, IT professionals, GMs, etc…) formed out of the passion for photography, therefore we take photography seriously and are not easily cowed by people going out of their way to stop us from enjoying our passionate hobby.  We have been enjoying this hobby of ours for many years and therefore we fully understand the ethics of doing photography at public places. We will always respect the Official Photographer’s (OP) job in any events and we will never in any way disrupt and block their designated spots intentionally. Therefore we should be accorded the same respect in covering the events even if the OP are not happy with our presence. For god sake, we are there as hobbyists and not there to snatch their “rice bowl”! We just could not stand some OPs who acted like they were the overlords of the events and purposely shown their black face to us. For these people, our message is simple – you shouldn’t be in this business if you can’t take the competition, albeit from non competitors.

Sorry for the off topics discussion…. we were confronted with these issues the past few weeks therefore I am compelled to voiced my anger  now while I still remember them. Haha…. Now that it’s off my chest I am a happy man again. To be honest I am a big fan of the clothing lines from Rip Curl, Reef and Billabong. The fashion show is really a good place for potential buyer like me to appreciate the latest clothes from Rip Curl. I just couldn’t help it but I did went up to their shop (Ampang Mall – 308) after the fashion show and bought a few items for myself. Yippy. I find their latest clothing lines very fashionable and made of very comfortable fabric (from recycled materials) which I could enjoy and appreciate.

Katerina looking good in T-shirt and shorts.

That's how you look good on a hot and sweaty beach.

Body hugging suit with beach pants.

This is something that I could imagine wearing.

Looking good in a dress.

Simple and color coordinated set.

This combination will look good on any girls.

I just got to buy this Reamped Tee, preferably Black and Red.

This "Eye of the search Tee" is also a must have, again preferably in Black and Red.

Nice sweater with hood.

Last but not least, fashion for everyday gym girl - fashionable yet functional.


  1. eddiechan says:

    well said on the off-topic matter bro…

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