The Wild Yehliu – The Most Amazing Seascape in Taiwan

This unusual candle rock formation was "sculptured" by the constant pounding of waves against the limestone.

The North Coast of Taiwan is famous for its unusual rocks formations and alien looking seascape. If you are visiting Taipei, it’s worthwhile to make a day trip to this area just to witness the amazing work of art by the forces of nature. The unusual rock (limestone)  formations and seascape were created by sea erosion, weathering and possibly earth movements.

Most of the rock formations were given fanciful names. You could find candle rock, ginger rock, mushroom rock, queen’s head, elephant rock just to name a few. However the most high profile of them all has to be the Queen’s Head Rock! It’s side profile could possibly pass off as the head of Nefertiti, the famous and beautiful ancient Egyptian Queen. Tourists are willing to line up for hours just to take a photo with her majesty the “Queen of Rock”. Well, if you happened to be in Taipei, this is a must-see sight in Taiwan.

Tourists having fun trying to identify the names of the various rock formations.

Some parts of the eroded rock's surfaces looked like the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Bridge over troubled water?

Tourists having a rocking time with the Queen of Rock! I have to say, from the side profile, it does look like a queen's head!

Concrete barriers were used extensively to protect the coast lines in Yehliu.

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