Bayview Hotel in Hualien – a home away from home

The entrance to the Bayview Hotel - Visitors were transported to a virtual world of beautiful Santorini Architecture (a group of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean sea) where white-painted walls with blue doors and windows were the order of the day.

After a nerve-wracking and max-out adrenaline rush of the more than 6-hour taxi ride from the serene hot spring village of Lushan to beautiful Hualien via the breathtaking Taroko Gorge, the last thing on my mind would be the architecture or the interior designs of my next hotel – Bayview Hotel. However when we reached the hotel, the first thing we noticed was the bold white and blue color theme of the hotel’s exterior walls. Its simplicity belies what we would normally expect from such boutique hotel. But still we placed high anticipation on what to expect from this hotel. It truly doesn’t disappoint.

Once past the shiny cast iron door, we were greeted by 2 friendly receptionists and a truly warm and cozy ambiance, missing from even large 5-star luxurious hotels. Somehow the coordinated colors and tastefully furnished interiors really made this hotel unique and special for its guests. So it’s not surprising that this hotel is very popular with domestic and international vacation goers as seen from the constant flow of guests checking in and out of the hotel.

A brief inspection of the hotel revealed that every floor has different wall colors and every floor has its own color coordinated painting that reflects different holidays theme. And i just loved the scale models of different yachts and ships that were on display on every floor. The superb interior designs coupled with the fantastic Santorini theme architecture plus the friendly and caring hotel’s staffs made this a must-stay vacation hotel, whenever you are in eastern Taiwan or specifically in Hualien. This humble hotel is truly a home away from home. I would definitely come back again. 2 thumbs up from me!

A simple but tastefully furnished and functional reception area. The staff are genuinely friendly and helpful. If you need a cab to go to the city just ask the staff to book one for you. It's NT$350 for a return journey.

The lift lobby is adorned with a wishing fountain. It is also the entrance to the breakfast buffet area.

The room corridor is very neat and clean - every floor has a different color theme - so do check them out. The third floor happens to be yellow.

A small window with a painting of a selected vacation theme.

The are many scale models of ships, yachts and fishing vessels on different locations of the hotels. They are really beautiful and intricately hand made.

The view of the bedroom.

The view of the bedroom with the balcony in sight.

Actual view of the scenery from the balcony - The mountains were breathtaking and the beach was pristine but do expect some obstacles and eyesores along the way - otherwise you will be disappointed.

The bathroom is simple but tastefully designed.

The view of the cozy and nicely decorated dining area.

The kitchen and the breakfast buffet area are neat, clean and beautiful. Notice the cave-like ceiling that is typical of Santorini architecture.

My favorite painting in the hotel - A typical Santorini adobe complete with bell tower perched on the edge of the caldera and facing the Aegean sea. The are many paintings on the walls of the hotel. You can feast your eyes on their beauty and their interpretation.

The hotel has a 24-hour self service cafe just outside the main entrance. It's for the convenience of the guests who may need a cuppa after their tiring journeys or after their extensive shopping. You just need to be considerate and put away the cup and saucer after you have your fix. After all it's free and they even provide you with a few varieties of snack to go with your coffee. What else can you ask for?

The wall that feature the hotel's name and logo.

They even have a replica of the bell tower outside the hotel. It has become a photography platform for the guests.

The view of the sun deck on the roof of the hotel. There are no swimming pool in this hotel. If you need a swim you can head down to the beach. However the waves might be too strong for any swimming activities though.

A view of the sea through one of the light feature that resembles an arch of the Greek architecture.

Shower area with a view of the mountain range in the background.

A lighted path next to the beach for joggers, cyclists and strollers.

The waves can be quite intimidating for the beach goers. Seen here is a girl being chased by a mini tsunami. 🙂

The view of the mountain is really breathtaking and coupled with the beautiful emerald sea - you have a perfect vacation spot on earth. Taiwan's weather could be fickle though - one moment hot, one moment cold and one moment with heavy precipitation. So thank your lucky star if you enjoyed good weather while vacationing in Taiwan. The best time to visit Taiwan though, is from August to November - when it's not too hot, not to cold and not too much rain!


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