Estée Lauder Model Search 2010

Natacha Meunier, the 2010 Grand Prize winner (Category A) of the Estee Lauder Model Search Competition held recently at Suria KLCC.

This is the second year that I have attended the Estee Lauder Model Search as photographer. Last year I was there to photograph a friend who participated in the event; this year I was there because I registered as a participant for a Canon Photography contest in conjunction with the model search.

Since Canon is one of the sponsor and are also involved in arranging for the photography contest, I really have big expectation that they will do a good job. But alas, I was wrong. When I reached there, I was shocked to see a small podium for photographers, which in my estimates, could only fit about 15 person. And Canon facebook page was announcing 150 participants! What a farce! Luckily I have my trusted ladder with me to bypass all those shortcomings. Enough said.

The model search competition this year was a real surprise in term of the quality of participants. Not only are the participants in both categories beautiful and elegant, they came out to the stage catwalk-trained, confident, articulate and ready to wow the judges. The only thing that I hope they will improve upon are their respective answers to the question about the top activity that they would like to do in Australia. I noticed most of them pick climbing the Sydney harbor bridge as the top activity. I guess, great minds do think alike.

There are 2 categories being contested here. Category A for age 29 and below. Category B for age 30 and above. Participants for Category A are mostly young models or aspirant models. They are very beautiful and energetic but somewhat a little green in term of speaking in front of large crowds. Those that can speak well ultimately performed better than the rest. Those in Category B perform somewhat opposite to Category A. They are more articulate in terms of answering all their questions but they seem to be novices when it comes to working the runways. This might be due to them being housewives for too long I guess. But I do salute them for having the courage to participate in any beauty competition after having a few children. Bravo!

Following are a few photos taken during the course of the competition. Once again bravo and congratulations to all the respective winners!

Jasmine Ngee Phay Koon - Estee Lauder Model Search Grand Prize Winner (Category B)

Jennifer So - Estee Lauder-Eclipse Most Elegant Winner

Nur Syuda bt Rifin - Estee Lauder-Andrewsmodels Most Promising Catwalk Winner

Jenna Gong Jia Yi - Estee Lauder-Canon Most Photo Perfect Winner

The stage and the spectators at Suria KLCC.

The winners posing with the judges that selected them.

Natacha Meunier (KLCC Wildcard Participant) - Estee Lauder Model Search Grand Prize Winner (Category A)/Miko Hair Studio Ambassador

Natacha Meunier - Estee Lauder Model Search Grand Prize Winner (Category A) and Jasmine Ngee Phay Koon - Estee Lauder Model Search Grand Prize Winner (Category B)

Congratulations to all deserving winners.


  1. eddie chan says:

    Good coverage as usual…luv the fisheye wide shot!

    I must say the glossy backdrop is not too good for photography as it is too reflective.

    • Thanks Eddie.

      I agree with you on this but the only way they can prevent the reflection is to either use black or white background. But for this case it’s quite impossible as the background photo is the face of Estee Lauder. 🙂

  2. love their face and body structure…so gorgeous

  3. malaysia estee lauder model search?or international estee lauder model search?
    winner fr france?funny????????confuse???????????? lol……………….

  4. klmodels says:

    What a great blog. I love it. Kindly visit if you need models. Thanks.

  5. She is of French-chinese cambodian ancestry:)

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