Share/Guide 21st Annual Conference and ICT Awards 2010

The Share/Guide Association (Malaysia) ICT awards winners posing with their respective trophies. Standing in the middle are Ms. Ng Wan Peng, COO of MDeC and Mr. Thomas Ng, Chairman of SGAM.

Introduction to the Share/Guide Association of Malaysia:

The SHARE/GUIDE ASSOCIATION (MALAYSIA) is an IT Users Group and a non-profit association, whose member organizations are primarily users of technology and IT services. SGAM or the Malaysia IT Users Group serves as a forum for IT users to network and exchange information, experience, thoughts, views and best practices. It is also a forum for working collaboratively with IT service providers and other related groups to help members leapfrog in harnessing technology for their businesses and for greater mutual benefits.

This year the SGAM annual  conference and ICT awards were held at Selesa Beach Resort in Port Dickson over a period of 2 days. Overall it was a successful conference with the participation of more than 300 delegates from the various IT users organizations in Malaysia. Although the topics of discussions in the IT fields are not meant for mere mortals like me I am sure the delegates have gained new insight and ideas from the various successful ICT projects undertaken by some of the award winning organizations.

Contrary to popular belief, IT people are not boring or “all work and no play” types. Their certainly shed their “geek” stereotype image by taking part in the SGAM idol karaoke competition in full force. The SGAM idol participants had on that faithful night dispelled all notions that they were all Bill Gates’s clones by showcasing some of the best singing talents the crowds had ever seen. Even the winner could not be determined on first count of the votes and a tie-breaker were eventual called upon to determine the best of the best. And they left the crowds wanting more! What a memorable night…. they truly have some best kept talents in their midst……

Mr. Thomas Ng, Chairman of SGAM addressing the delegates in his welcome address.

Ms. Ng Wan Peng, COO and Senior VP, MDeC enlightening the delegates on MDeC's role in spearheading Malaysia's ICT growth for nation building and officiating the Conference.

Tuan Haji Fazil Ibrahim from Tenaga Nasional Berhad recieving the Enterprise Mobile applications Excellence Award for their Mobile Field Force Automation System Project.

Mr. Nick Goh from World Vision International receiving the Business Intelligence Excellence Award for their PMIS (Programme Management Information System) project.

Mr. Andy Tan from EPF Malaysia receiving the Enterprise eBusiness Excellence Award for their e-PPA (Electronic Unit Trust Investment Withdrawal) project

Puan Suharti Mohd Ali from Telekom Malaysia receiving the Unified Communication Excellence Award for their NOVA (NextGen Opportunity Vibrant Ambition) project

Mr. Tan Joo Seng from Great Eastern Life receiving the Information and Knowledge Mangement Excellence Award for their eLATS (Electronic Learnng and Training System) project

Mr. Chan Boon Tiong from Ambank (M) Bhd receiving the Enterprise Security Excellence Award for their Wireless 3G ATM project

Mr. Daniel Soh from eGenting receiving the Green IT Excellence Award for their GVMS (Global e-Voucher Management System) project

Mr. Lim Boon Lee from IBM with his topic: Welcome to a decade of smart.

Mr. Kaleem Chaudhry from Oracle with his topic: IT Modernization - An Oracle Perspective.

A wireless ATM from Ambank was setup at the conference venue to showcase the portability and speed of deployment. Hopefully not too portable though..... we won't want the thief to cart away the ATM do we?

Beauties and the geek..... Henrick the lollipop man.

Andy Tan posing with his award winning team from EPF.

Tan posing with his award winning team from Great Eastern.

Puan Suharti posing with her award winning team from Telekom Malaysia.

eGenting team with their award.

David posing with his team from IGS.

Free medical screening on BMI, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Glucose are available FOC to all participants

Even a doctor (Dr. Helmi Ismail) was brought in to talk about the ABCD of medical iinformatics and stress management. Yes, it's stressful to be in the IT line. So you better think twice if you are contemplating to be an IT person.

Andy from EPF talking about the e-PPA.

Puan Suharti going into the details of NOVA.

One for the album.

A large spread of food waiting for the delegates to dig in.

SGAM Idol: Gaya mesti ada.....

SGAM Idol: Lagenda.....

SGAM Idol: Supporters mesti ada...... with mini mexican wave.....

SGAM Idol: Paula Abdul pun ada......

SGAM Idol: Forced by boss to sing pun ada...... siap with commercial sekali! Boss memang bijak.....

HSBC with their rocker.... Dunan

It's a tie... How? Sing again lah....

FInally..... the winner is Melissa from IBM.

Wide angle view of all the delegates.

Anul Singh from Impact with his topic: Collaboration framework for public private partnership.

Prabha Ramanathan from BKI with his topic: Will my IT DR plan save me come judgment day?

The beauties from Datacraft.

Power speaker Anas Zubedy from Zubedy (M) S/B with his topic: Bangsa Malaysia

Mr. Tan Soo Eng from Silverlake with his topic: Tech Enabled Network Communities (TENC)

THe MC of the day: Gerald

When the delegates attention is focused on something other than the speakers, it's time to wrap up and say good bye.


  1. saharudin jaafar says:

    Great !! conference

  2. Cruelangel says:


  3. Davie, Who’s the girl on the left of this photo?

    I know on the right is Sonia Ng.

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