Breathtaking Summer Blooms at Biei and Furano in Hokkaido.

A beautifully manicured flower fields at "Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka". You could visit this flower farm from 8:30am to 6:00pm everyday during the summer months.

I have read that Hokkaido is famous for its flowers, especially lavender during the summer month of July/August. I was looking forward to the lavender fields when I arrived in Hokkaido but nothing prepared me for the breathtaking views of the rolling hills covered with the various colors of summer blooms when I arrived at Biei and Furano in Hokkaido. The rows and rows of beautiful rainbow-colored flowers cultivated for the sole purpose of attracting the tourist to this part of Japan is to me a success in meeting its goal. I would gladly pay to spend a day among the flowers and to be one with nature – breathtaking and fulfilling my every senses – sight, sound and smell. The various farms meticulously maintained their flower fields with typical Japanese precision, made famous by the Japanese manufacturing culture.

I would definitely make another trip to Biei and Furano in the near future and I will make sure I spend a few days there to enjoy the scenery and to really spend some time in the flower farms. You could rent a golf buggy or a 4-wheeler to move around the farms if you are too lazy to walk. For me, photography would be the main aim of my next trip. For this trip I have less than an hour in each farm. It’s too short for any serious photography and too long, to not taking any photographs. So spending a day or 2 in the various farms around this region would be perfect. To me, the beautiful flowers farms are the highlight of my trip to Hokkaido.

They are many flower farms around this region. So do some research first before embarking on your flower journeys. The most famous farm has to be “Farm Tomita” or Tomita Farm. You could see all the various flower fields during the month of July only. After July, there are not much flowers left. You would be truly disappointed if you are there after July – as I was. There are not much to see there, even during early August. The flower farm that impressed me the most is the “Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka” Although I was there in early August, I could still see a rainbow selections of the various summer blooms, including lavender.

Due to the geographic location of Biei and Furano, no matter what seasons (except winter)  you are there, you could enjoy the various blooms associated with the season. For me, summer would be just perfect and I would be going back soon.

Various summer blooms adorning the rolling landscapes - simply breathtaking.

Rows and rows of summer blooms to satisfy my sense of sight.

Lavender - fulfilling my sense of smell and my sense of sound - total stillness and zero noise pollution.

Bright and cheerful..... excellent for the soul.

Rows of flowers fanning out around me..... just lovely.

The "Hayman" made from a few bale of haystacks welcoming the guests to the farm.

The golden wheat field at Biei when the sun rays pierce through the gathering dark clouds.


  1. beautiful

  2. Lee Yean Mee says:

    Thanks for the photo, i feel very happy!

  3. wonderful and prayers to your wonderful terrain and architecture that helped heal me from vietnam war. I pray also for your recent natural disaster…that time will heal Japan thank you for sharing these photos on the internet. Japan is forever in my heart Gary Brumley Mannford Oklahoma

  4. Hi, beautiful photos. What time of year did you take these?


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