Huawei E5832 Wireless Router – On Demand 3G Internet access for the Global Travelers!

The latest Huawei E5832 is truly an indispensable wireless mobile router for the global travelers among us. Not only is the device light and compact, it is also designed to meet the internet requirements of the most extreme gadgets freak who may be lugging a notebook, an iPad, an iPhone and a Sony PSP to the most far-flung places on earth. (provided there is 3G or EDGE/GPRS mobile services in those locations).

The need for internet access has become one of the most basic requirements for urban living. Email access via mobile phones and blackberry devices has become the norm instead of exception. Facebook and Twitters popularity has only added to this mad rush for 24×7 internet access. Now with the crazy success of iPad from Apple, we now have a sudden urge to use the internet for most of our installed Apps on the device. The Apps are the main reason for the success of the iPad. Therefore when we have all these fancy Apps installed, whether paid of other wise, naturally they will be used to their fullest potential. And most of these Apps depends on internet access to update and refresh their contents and information. So all of a sudden, we now have a new requirements for continuous broadband access, adding to our already insatiable needs.

What do we do?  We sign up for data and voice plan for our iPhone. Then we sign up for data plan for our iPad. And we already have a broadband plan for our homes. So how many plans do we need and how much do we need to pay just to be connected to the internet? Apple should have allowed iPhone/iPad tethering! Maybe Steve Jobs is under pressure from the Telco players not to support this function. Or maybe he just want to make more money for Apple’s shareholders. (Of course you could jail-break your iPhone/iPad to get this feature, but that is another story). Whatever the reason, we the consumer should not be forced to pay double for essentially the same service.

So where am I going with this, you may ask? Hmmmm….. I just found a perfect solution for all my internet needs while on the go. Introducing the Huawei E5832 wireless mobile router. After unpacking the little device and slotting the DiGi (prepaid internet) SIM card into it, I have been impressed with the portability and flexibility of this wonderful gadget. After some customization with my MacBook Pro, I have been able to get my iPad, IPod Touch, MacBook, iPhone and Nokia phone to access the internet with quite a decent speed. This is just what I needed and what I plan to use while I am traveling through the Silk Road in China next month. This portable router could support up to 5 devices at any one time. And I only pay for one broadband fee! That is sweet.

I could see its usefulness for traveling around the world as most countries now support the 3G/EDGE mobile services. This device would have come in handy when I was in Hokkaido last month. As advance as Japan is, Hokkaido is still the back country compared to Tokyo and other prefecture within Japan. Most of the hotels there do not have internet access and even when they have, it’s mostly the wired type. WiFi is not that popular there. Most hotels offer coin-operated internet access near the lobby and if you do not read Japanese, though luck though. So the Huawei E5832 would definitely come in handy. So with my up coming trip to the Silk Road, I would surely bring along this device and purchase a 1 month data access plan from any of their 3G mobile operators. I just couldn’t see myself without any internet access for nearly 1 month in China. So wish me good luck. All my iPad Apps (maps, planner, GPS, etc…) would be rendered useless, without any internet access.

If you are like me and you need to have access to the internet for all your devices, all the time and everywhere around the world…. I hope this short write-up is useful. Cheers!

Out of the box - The Huawei E5832 with the battery, USB cable and Quick Start booklet.

I am testing this device with the cheapest plan available in Malaysia - a RM25 prepaid internet package from DiGi. It's not SIM locked. So you should be able to use it with any of your favorite internet service providers around the world.

It's so easy. Just pop open the back cover, slide in the SIM card. Slot in the battery and pop back the cover and voilà, your device is ready to work for you.

The pre-set SSID is E583X-da98. (Varies according to packaging). Just choose this SSID and launch the web browser. Follow the instruction on the user guide and access the Admin pages to set the APN information. The SSID and password could be change in the Admin pages. The default password is provided with the device.

For DiGi users, the APN setting is 3gdgnet. For others, check their instructions in their SIM package. It's as easy as that.

The DiGi broadband speed is quite decent as stated above. Of course you could not compare it to your land line broadband. If I am traveling or overseas, I would be happy to have this result. It's quite close to what DiGi claims in their pre-paid internet kit. I have no complaints.

As a comparison, this is the result from Telekom's Streamyx 1 Mbps home broadband.


  1. Thank you for sharing.

  2. MATTHEW CHEN says:

    where can i buy it in singapore? pls

    • I purchased this unit from Ten Ten Telecommunications Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur. You may want to get it from KL or call them to inquire about their Singapore counterpart or distributor. Their office number is +603 2287 3010 and their website is

  3. whr can i get it in south africa?

    • I get one from in hong kong, maybe you could buy from them, their service is good..good luck.

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  5. I think your blog is very informational, the Internet needs more writers like you!

  6. Hello, I love your blog. Do you write all of the articles yourself?

  7. Thank you so much for this very informative article. You are amazing and I am truly grateful to you for sharing. Am a non technical person. However, I love to travel . Currently I am preparing for a 9 month trek starting in April ( through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Malayasia) , so it is Divine’s good Grace that I have stumbled upon your article. I am now going to order this item from the HKK source that Eric suggested.
    Thank you again. With Gratitude.

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