KL Tower International BASE Jump 2010

A BASE jumper doing a hand stand before plunging 300 meters to the ground (with a parachute of course) at the KL Tower International BASE Jump 2010. He is jumping off from the broadcast part of the Tower Head at Level TH05 of KL Tower.

The KL Tower International BASE Jump event is back again. This year they even have a night jump event lined up.

I have photographed the BASE jumpers leaping off from KL Tower 2 years ago. However I have not been up at the open deck to witness their act of jumping off from the edge of the broadcast part of the tower at 300 meters above ground.

So I made it my mission this year to photograph these adrenaline junkies doing their stuff up close and personal. Words were not needed to express their bold, daring and fearless act. Personally, I have no fear of height but the thought of walking off the edge of any buildings scared the sh*t out of me.

Maybe I might try it in my next life, hopefully.

Superman is having a chat with his buddies, 300 meters above the ground. While you are at it, could you please grab a few beers for us guys up here?

This guy is jumping off the building as if he is going to do a triple somersault dive into a pool!

Gary Cunningham showed why he is the king of all base jumpers. This courageous 39-year old electronic engineer is also the president of Australia BASE association. His achievement includes a world record for the most BASE jumps (133) done in 24 hours.

A BASE jumper guiding his parachute for a safe landing. The pinnacles of the KLCC twin towers could be clearly seen in the background.

A trio formation demonstrating the various stages of parachute deployment.

Color coordination is maybe as important as hand/feet coordination in landing.


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