People of Leshan through my lens

This old man was riding his tricycle along the busy tourist streets, rummaging through the dustbins at every corner. He seems lost in his own little world and his thoughts must be the difficult task of putting food on the table for himself and his family.

Yesterday my trip to China brought me to Leshan which was a convenient stopover en route to Emei Shan. Leshan is world famous for its sitting Grand Buddha. This historical venue is packed to the brim even on weekdays. So instead of shooting too much of this monument today, I instead concentrated more on the locals and their surroundings.

I chanced upon this old lady, walking alone with the aid of a walking stick. She looked forsaken and maybe forgotten by the rapidly changing world around her.

This photo was taken at the temple next to the Grand Buddha. He is a worker at the temple and he seems to be monitoring the activities of all the tourists thronging the temple whether as devotees or as the usually nosy photographers. He saw me shooting at him and as quickly as the wind, he vanished into the interior of the temple. This man has got style!

The number one tourist attraction in Leshan is the sitting Grand Buddha. At 71 meter in height, it is the tallest sitting Buddha in the world. It was carved out of a hillside and it sat at the confluence of 2 rivers - Dadu river and Min river. It was claimed that the Buddha has a calming effect on the rivers and saved many a boatmen from their swift currents.

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