Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show ’10

KIA is showing off its All-NEW Sorento in a big way..... The sexy new Sorento is matched aesthetically by this lovely model in all departments, especially the design and look departments. It no longer lack the character and creative initiative that so defined the Japanese and German motor vehicles.

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Shown is back in 2010, after an absent of almost 4 years. While there are many more bread and butter cars on display this year, there is truly an absent of a few marques that  truly defined the Malaysian car market in total.

The European marques like Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, VW and Volvo are clearly missing from this edition of KLIMS’10. So is Ford from US. Why? Has the challenging motor vehicles sales environment in the past few years taken its toll on these manufacturers? I doubt so. Or are they collectively trying to send a message to the government and their customers that they are unhappy with the state of motor vehicles well-being in Malaysia?

With all the protectionism mentality shown by our government, I really do not blame them. No wonder most of them chose to invest in Thailand, Indonesia and China. I for one, is very disappointed with their absence in KLIMS’10. Actually it’s not much of a car show without those heavy weight players. I hope they will take part in future motor shows or maybe they should organize one just for the European marques. Otherwise I will have to attend the next Thailand Motor Show. I heard this year their motor show was fabulous. Sigh!

However, we should applaud the Japanese, Korean and Chinese car makers who has gone all out to showcase their existing and all-new vehicles in Malaysia. I am especially impressed with Nissan which has brought and showcased some of their new and exciting vehicles to the Malaysian public. I can’t comment about Toyota and Honda because I didn’t drop by their booths yesterday due to time constraint. The cars that impressed me the most was the Hyundai Sonata, Nissan Juke, Nisan 370Z Roadster and Chevrolet Camaro SS. Since I have not gone through all the booths, I am sure I will find  more exciting vehicles when I visit KLIMS’10 again next week.

This year, KLIMS’10 is pushing the concept of Eco-friendly theme. However with the high price of Eco-friendly vehicles in Malaysia, I would put this concept into the dustbin destined for failure – all talk and no action.

Proton has probably one of the biggest booth in KLIMS’10. I am not too sure what they are showing though…. so many concept cars but still a small player globally. I personally think they should specialize in a few models instead of showing off concept cars which I don’t think will see the light of days. Why so many concept cars when you still end up with re-badged vehicles? Well, who am I to complain? However, it’s good that we can see some funny vehicles emerging from Proton. At least we get some entertainment.

I seriously think the organizer is trying to fill the empty space in the PWTC halls, when you can actually find Gotham city and Bumble-bee the Transformer in the midst of all the cars’ booths. Side business for the organizer, just in case the crowds are not sufficient enough? Well, it’s weird to think that people actually wanted to have their photographs taken with a Styrofoam version of Bat-mobile and Bumble-bee. But all is good. It keeps the economy going.

NAZA showcase of Ferrari and the beautiful model.

Another beautiful Ferrari..... I meant the Ferrari 458 Italia.....

What long leg you have got there..... beautiful car too.....

One of my favorite car - Camaro SS AKA bumble-bee

New Proton model coming soon to our highways and byways....

The Legend: Lotus Esprit

Lotus Esprit - back view

From Perodua wiith love....

Perodua Bezza: Car is LIFE..... how true.

Sexy models should be banned from driving this car........ They might cause accidents..... and nosebleeds.....


  1. Nice pictures of beautiful shapes and designs and also some of the cars look very nice.

    Thank you.

  2. I’m impressed,

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