Inaugural Creative Asia Photography Conference kicks off to a great start

There is no one more qualified than Joe McNally to provide the opening keynote to the inaugural Creative Asia Photography Conference in Malaysia. From a hardcore news photographer to the person known as the lighting man - he is well loved by the large audience in Malaysia. His keynote topic that rock the house was: Reinventing Myself, 30 Years On.

Kuala Lumpur, dateline January 19 2011. The inaugural Creative Asia Photography Conference kicks off to a great start in Malaysia. It is attended by more than 150 photography enthusiasts and professionals from 18 different countries in this region. It is an impressive number of participants considering it is the first photography related conference to be organized for participants in Asian regions. Kudos to Louis Pang and his wife, for their insight and brave venture into unknown territories. Judging from the responses of the participants, I am confident it will become the “not-to-be-missed” yearly photography event in Malaysia and this region for many years to come. I for one, will look forward to participate in this event again next year.

An impressive lineup of professional photographers were scheduled to speak in the 3-day conference. Besides Joe, the others are Michael Greenberg, Daniel Capobianco, Dane Sanders, Jason Magbanua, Manny Librodo, Louis Pang and Mike Langford. World Class indeed!

For more information go to: Creative Asia.

Louis Pang with his opening address during the morning judging session of the Canon Creative Asia Photography Competition. This is the first time that I have seen a photography competition where the scoring is done simultaneously by in-house judges and with online score where an average score is produced within minutes of judging. In house spectators and online spectators could view the results almost instantaneously. Impressive!


Joe McNally addressing the audience with his show and tell slides of his National Geographic Cover Shot. This man has so many cover shots of National Geographic that if you do not know better, you would think it's a cake walk to put a photo on the front page of National Geographic.

This is one shot that many Malaysian could identify with – Hollywood actress, Michelle Yeoh who hailed from Ipoh, Malaysia.
This is one photo by Joe McNally that I am very impressed with – a naked Carl Lewis – the perfect human specimen on  planet Earth – and who else is more qualified to take the shot than Joe McNally?

Updated 21/01/2011

Mike Langford - A visionary visual communicator from New Zealand that is famous for his travel photography, his innovative cook books that depict the food and chef against the breathtaking view of Mount Cook and his children story-telling book that incorporate real photographs instead of illustrations. He also publishes his own independent photography books. He could literally create a story out of almost nothing at all - even a dead lizard!

Manuel Libres Librodo Jr. aka Manny Librodo - A self-learned "non-technical" photographer who is world-famous for his creative interpretation of stunning portraits - especially his travel portraiture involving children, old people and beautiful female glamor shots that are out of this world. I attended his pre-conference workshop and I am impressed with his ability to teach and his unique way of seeing with his eyes. Truly one of a kind experience for me. I would highly recommend his class to anyone who is into colorful portraiture with emotion.

Manny Librodo: "A portrait is a landscape of emotion".

Jason Magbanua - This highly polished speaker is truly a one-of-a-kind wedding video specialist. He is also the most awarded wedding film-maker in Asia. If you are into Chris Nolan's movie - Inception, you would definitely appreciate his time shifting wedding video concept. He might not take you to 4-level deep of dreams within a dream but you would certainly appreciate his same day wedding video delivery deadline! It's stressful enough to shoot a video in a wedding; putting all the footage together from different view point, dubbing them, creating a storyline with time shift and deliver the video on the same day? He must be crazy! No wonder his service is well booked one year in advance - this guy is a genius! And he did all that with Canon 5D Mark II camera with video capabilities.



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