Bridal Fashion Showcase for 2011

Traditional RED ROSE ON WHITE wedding gown for the Rabbit Chinese New Year from De Paris Bridal.

Most people celebrated Chinese New Year by visiting friends, shopping and playing mahjong, but for a small group of us – the die hard photography enthusiasts – we spent the CNY weekend shooting beautiful models parading the latest bridal fashion showcase from De Paris Bridal at 1 Utama shopping center. Although the designs won’t give Vera Wang a run for her money anytime soon, the models though are a different story. They are beautiful, professional and good at what they do – to showcase the wedding gowns to the best of their abilities. Although some of the wedding gowns were probably designed for Barbie and Ken, I personally think the models really do justice to the dresses, no matter the practicality or functionality. So for the prospective brides, choose wisely – some of these dresses would really need a perfect figure and optimal height to really carry them off.

::: Sheath Style Gown with Sweetheart Neckline :::

Esther with a beautiful red dress suitable for the grand wedding dinner.

Beautiful and elegant strapless black + white number - one of my favorite!



Great ball gown wedding dress for Barbie... a little 'plasticky' though...

Elegant mermaid piece here.... but one would need to be tall and slender to be able to showcase the hourglass figure.

Maggie looking good in this golden bubble dress with spagetti straps.

B+W Peacock style ball gown wedding dress with a court train.

The beautiful lady in RED.

Dani Maia and her glittering empire waist dress. She is just gorgeous.

Strapless sheath style gown - Definitely Chinese design for a traditional Chinese wedding.

Beautiful roses for the beautiful day.

Models day out.... Bubbly with bubble dresses.

I hope you do not need to cover your face on that important day. πŸ™‚

Simply yellow.

For the purist..... all white and innocent sweetheart neckline ball gown wedding dress with basque waistline.

Nice combination but too much UFO on the blouse.

Multi-Layered A-line wedding dress.... just like layered cake?

Maggie in a WHITE V-neck sheath style gown with a panel train.

Posted on the Wild Wild West Bar: If looks could kill - WANTED - dead or alive

14 century dual-tiered Victorian A-line wedding gown?

A short wedding dress with watteau train. Rain and thunderstorm won't stop her from going to her wedding!

Definitely a museum piece.

Concubines or Princesses from the Ming Dynasty? πŸ™‚

Truly dressed for a grand entrance!

What can I say? The perfect couple.

Shanghai Tang couple? Please don't 'silence' anyone during your wedding reception.... 😐

Dani and Peter look so perfect for each other.

Is that Superwoman?

Beautiful Ming Dynasty princesses holding court at the palace.

Xenia and Dani with their 'Stately' blue ball gown wedding dresses.

A trio of beauties with their elegant WHITE A-line and ball gown wedding dresses.

Xenia working the crowds at 1 Utama Shopping Complex.

Dani @ Kinkaku-Ji Temple in Kyoto. Nowadays one do not even need to fly to Kyoto for this shot. πŸ™‚


  1. eddie chan says:

    Good shots and excelent comments! Hahaha

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