Bridal Fashion by Keith Kee

Esther Tan in her element with the beautiful Keith Kee Collection and her trademark pose.

February seems to be THE month for Bridal Fashion show in Kuala Lumpur. I have seen quite a number of fashion house showcasing their stuff in shopping malls and exhibition center. Maybe it’s because Valentine Day happens to fall on the month of February? And the cupids have unlimited arrows to share with the romantics during this time of the year. 🙂

In Malaysia, the most hip and famous wedding designer must surely be Keith Kee, sort of the male version of “Vera Wang” in Malaysia. For this reason alone, I decided to drop by at Mid Valley Exhibition Center to capture the beauty of the models strutting the runways in Keith Kee latest collections.

Below are some of the bridal dresses showcased by Keith Kee during the “Romance in Fate” bridal fair organized by feminine magazine.

Xenia with a traditional Chinese Cheongsam (qipao) for the wedding dinner.

Xenia with a v-neck, natural waistline ball gown wedding dress.

I am more intrigued with her headgear rather than her dress. 🙂

Another bridal dress with soft flowing fabric for that slow graceful walk down the aisle at the wedding dinner party.

Definitely a Chinese traditional garments for the ever important Chinese tea ceremony.

Esther admiring the beautiful and intricately designed umbrella.

Another beautiful bare back design - sexy but not too revealing.

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