Fashion On 1: Arena @ Sun Paradise

A beautiful model showcasing the Sun Paradise bikini range from Arena.

Date: 29th April 2011

Location: 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Event: Fashion On 1 – ARENA

Below are a few more photos of the ARENA fashion showcase.

A sexy one piece swimsuit in black.

Another one piece swimsuit more suitable for the matured ladies.

A fun and sexy piece suitable for the teenager or the young at heart.

Go surfing with your boyfriend? Then a fun and bright blue number is for you.

Go green? Then this is for you...... 🙂

Suitable for scuba diving or speed swimming..... but I would prefer to do away with the green stripe.... it's kinda distracting and ugly.... 🙂

This will look nice on any girls....... sweet but sensual.....


  1. Ezlaine says:

    Hi Davie do you have any chance have the video for the Arena@Sun Paradise show?

    • Ezlaine,
      I am so sorry. I do not have the video your requested for. I only took photographs of the fantastic show.

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