Triumph Malaysia Celebrates 125 Years of Tailoring Female Shape

Celebrity Model Amber Chia has been transformed into a beautiful and sexy red butterfly to showcase Triumph's latest Butterfly lingerie collection.


Perfection, Innovation and a Fervent Desire for Supreme Quality, Comfort and Cutting-edge Design Brings Seductive Power to Triumph

4th May 2011, Kuala Lumpur – Back in 1886, had merchant Michael Braun and corset maker Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer been told that the tiny corset factory they had just set up in southern Germany would one day become the world’s leading supplier of lingerie and shapewear, they surely would have been astounded.

125 years on, the business that started out with just six sewing machines and six employees, has developed into a unique global player, with 37,500 employees working in over 120 countries.

Now known as Triumph International, and still in the hands of the families of its founders, the company develops, produces and sells fabulous lingerie, shapewear, underwear, beach fashion, leisurewear, and sleepwear for women and men, under such renowned brand names as Triumph, sloggi, Valisère, and HOM.

To commemorate its 125th anniversary, Triumph Malaysia held a glamorous fashion show today befitting to the brand’s sensuous image, with celebrity friends, partners and members of the media in attendance.

The sensational show showcased Triumph’s perfection, innovation and its fervent desire for supreme quality, comfort and cutting-edge design. It is this very commitment that has brought and continues to bring seductive power to Triumph’s lingerie and shapewear collection, where every piece flatters the body, lures the senses and expresses sublime fashion and body awareness.

“Celebrating 125 years of lingerie making is a remarkable achievement. For 125 years, Triumph has been celebrating women – always dedicated to creating alluring lingerie and fashionable shapewear that looks and feels fabulous, while bringing out the goddess in each and every one of us,” said Lai Yuen Ping, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Body Fashion (M) Sdn Bhd.

“The consistency and trusted quality born out of a long tradition in lingerie making has propelled the brand into what it is today. As Triumph celebrates its 125th anniversary, the brand continues to reaffirm its promise of “perfection in female shape”, consistently introducing numerous lingerie innovations to the market,” she added.

Fellow MCs - Serena C and partner (Sorry I forgot his name).

Fashion Show

The much-anticipated show featured several of Triumph’s latest lingerie innovations, and was divided into 5 breathtaking rounds to display the brand’s high fashion style, high performance and contemporary designs, unlike any other:

1) Triumph Sexy Cushion Maximizer

The show kicked off with Triumph’s latest must have series – Sexy Cushion – that expresses a new aura of sexiness for women. Showcasing the new push-up trend for the new breed of women radiating personality, self-confidence and a red-hot sense of style, models strutted ala Sex and The City feel in the collection’s famous sensuous Deep-V lace design incorporating Triumph’s exclusive and popular ‘intelligent memory foam’ cushion. The revolutionary cushion moulds perfectly to the breast and recalls individual body contours, creating a fantastic push-up effect that is completely natural and unrivalled in performance.

4 models showcasing the Triumph Sexy Cushion Maximizer Collection.

The message is clear: If you wear Triumph's lingerie collection - men will be attracted to you just like bees that are naturally attracted to honey. You might enjoy the "Sex and the City" feel! 🙂

I am sure the 4 stars characters in "Sex and the City" show would be proud to wear the Triumph Sexy Cushion Maximizer Collection.

If you have it, flaunt it! Be yourself, Be sexy and be happy......

I am sure Carrie Bradshaw would be happy to wear this collection and innocently flaunt her assets.....

This would be more suitable for Charlotte York.......

This piece is probably more suitable for "in your face" Samantha Jones...... Do you want to see more?

2) Triumph Ecochic

The following round showcased an entirely different side of Triumph – its “Conscience meets Fashion” philosophy through its Ecochic collection. Ecochic proves that sustainability, comfort and sexiness can merge to create beautifully stylish and loveable lingerie. Derived from natural cotton, the collection is non-toxic and is extremely gentle on skin as well as towards the planet. Beautiful both in nature and in fashion, the collection was styled using only recyclable materials during the show, re-enforcing one of the season’s most favourable trends and one of Triumph’s best innovation – eco friendly intimate apparel. In harmony with nature and in tune with fashion, Ecochic is truly a haven of comfort and pleasure.

So cute yet so sexy..... I meant the chick.....

The story of chicks and birdies....

She is so happy with her chicks.....

Go green girl....and be environmental friendly.....

3 beautiful chicks posing with 3 chicks.....

3) Triumph Butterfly

Featuring eye popping spring colours with a dash of rich autumn shades, Triumph’s Butterfly collection delivers maximum support without compromising elegance, shape or sex appeal. Captivating geometric lines of the butterfly design allow for higher side panels, giving greater underarm support and tone resulting in a slimmer torso and a more attractive, smoother upper-body shape. The Butterfly collection added a dreamy angelic-fantasy mood inspired by glamorous style with contemporary interpretation of mythology to the show.

Triumph Butterfly - dreamy angelic-fantasy 1

Triumph Butterfly - dreamy angelic-fantasy 2

Triumph Butterfly - dreamy angelic-fantasy 3

Triumph Butterfly - dreamy angelic-fantasy 4

Triumph Butterfly - dreamy angelic-fantasy 5

4) Triumph Premium

The Premium collection showcased an array of sensual, dark, provocative lingerie that emanates with desire. Erotic, opulent and flirtatious, the collection seeks to arouse the senses by fulfilling your need for lingerie whilst stirring your inner sensuality. The perfect picture of bedroom mystery and magic, models sashayed in a feast of ultra-sophisticated rich lacy designs in deep and warm shades, conveying a message of seduction and bewitching luxury.

.....conveying a message of seduction and bewitching luxury........ how true!

.....even girls throw themselves on the runway to get their hand on Cay Kuijpers..... she is so beautiful and sensual in Triumph Premium collection.... Ladies.... what are you waiting for...... go get one immediately...... 🙂

Provocative lingerie that emanates with desire........ not too sure what it meant though... 🙂

Erotic, opulent and flirtatious...... seeks to arouse...... your inner sensuality...... even on the runway...... 🙂

A model sashayed in a feast of ultra-sophisticated rich lacy designs in deep and warm shades.......

What beautiful umbrella you have there....... 🙂

5) Triumph Shape Sensation

To mark the finale of the show and to give guests a preview of the amazing new designs to come, Triumph unveiled its latest shapewear collection – Sexy Shaper. Adding new excitement to functional, body-shaping underwear, with an enticing range of form-fitting pieces that effortlessly transform female body contours, while providing aesthetical sexual appeal and visual allure, never before has such highly functional body-shaping apparel looked so attractive yet felt so comfortable. Models flaunted seductive pieces showcasing desirable all-day shapewear designed especially for women to feel confident with their curves and ultimately attaining a more stunning silhouette.

“Sexy, body-enhancing lingerie has become an essential part of the new fashion scene, performing a dual role as sensual outerwear and as supportive and shaping underwear. This captivating confidence is THE new defining look. It’s an opportunity for women to embrace their bodies, individuality and openly express themselves,” Lai Yuen Ping said.

“Women around the world choose Triumph not only for its outstanding craftsmanship, fit, and innovation but also for the way it makes them look and feel: fashionable and confidently sexy. Attention to details, wholehearted dedication to the lingerie trade, and ongoing inspiration allow the brand to create lingerie that appeals to women throughout their lifetimes,” she added.

Looking to the future, Triumph will continue to strive for the very best in shape perfection, innovation and craftsmanship, with all of the hallmarks of dedication, passion and vision that the company has embraced for 125 years.

Triumph Sexy Shaper Collection 1

Triumph Sexy Shaper Collection 2

Triumph Sexy Shaper Collection 3

Triumph Sexy Shaper Collection 4

Triumph Sexy Shaper Collection 5

Triumph Sexy Shaper Collection 6

Triumph Sexy Shaper Collection 7


Triumph International is one of the world’s leading underwear manufacturers. The company enjoys a presence in over 120 countries with its core brands Triumph®, sloggi®, Valisère® and HOM®.

Amber Chia making her final appearance before the end of the fantastic show - for most men anyway. 🙂

Time to celebrate 125 years of existence - Tailors of female shape indeed!


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