Round 3 Super GT International Series Malaysia: Race Day

The start of the GT500 race with grid leader, Weider HSV-010 in the front pack.

The start of the GT300 race with grid leader, Hatsunemiku Goodsmile BMW in the front pack.

Race Queens from RIRE Racing.


The SUPER GT is the fastest Super Grand Touring car race in the world!

It is also a race which has the biggest number of car makes participating. In the GT500 category, three major Japanese manufacturers will compete against each other – Honda, Lexus and Nissan. In the GT300 class, you will find Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mosler, Corvette and Subaru.

The difference between the SUPER GT and other races is that it is one of only a few races in the world which allows fans to get up close and personal with the drivers and cars.

There are eight rounds in the whole series, seven of which are held in Japan. This year, the SUPER GT 2011 series is all set to woo Malaysian fans for the 11th year as Malaysia  will host Round 3 of this coveted event.

The Malaysian leg of the SUPER GT Series is the only round held outside of Japan. As such, the SUPER GT will be a great boost for Malaysian tourism, as we can expect spectators from around the region to attend this annual event.

Although SIC was the the event organizer since 2000, for the 2011 and 2012 editions, Kuala Lumpur based JP Performance Motorsports has acquired the rights as promoter as well as organizer to hold the race.

Note: Another unique point about SUPER GT is that both the GT500 and GT300 races are held concurrently on the same track. It might be confusing sometimes but this way it made the race interesting and provided the fans with high-adrenalin double action!

Below are a collection of photos to highlight the SUPER GT for 2011 held in Sepang.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

Gt500 and GT300 Official Practice Session in the morning.

This is the biggest Super/Performance Car Parade at Sepang SIC. Estimated 600 - 650 performance cars of various models and sizes converged at SIC for this record breaking feat. And when you have got so much adrenalin and EGO on the same location at the same time, temper is bound to flare and accidents sure to happen.

The line-up was so long that it stretched beyond the length of the grandstand.

A fisheye view of the whole length of the parked cars.

The record breaking feat was carried out with the safety car as the leader of the pack.

Pit Walkabout session in progress at the paddock area.

Team Nismo race queens. Apparently the drivers are also the winners of LeMans 24-hour race. Congratulations!

Race Queens from Clearwater Racing were also on hand to add to the festivities.

Felixia looking cute in the Ferrari racing outfit.

Spectators clamoring to photograph the sexy Ferrari girls.

The fastest qualifying car for GT500: Weider HSV-010 from Weider Honda Racing.

Takashi Kogure signing autograph during the pit walkabout session.

Race Queens from Team SG CHANGI.

Official SUPER GT Race Queens.

Race Queens from Team Impul.

Race Queens from Lexus Team Zent Cerumo.

Race Queens from RIRE Racing.

Race Queens from RIRE Racing.

Race Queen from Hankook KTR.

Race Queen from Team JimGainer.

Race Queen from Team Cars Tokai Dream 28.

Race Queens from Team R&D Sport.

Race Queen fro Team apr.

Race Queen from Team apr.

Race Queen from SG CHANGI.

Race Queen from Team Samurai Tsuchiya.

Race Queens from Team Lexus Petronas Tom's.

Race Queen from Team Lexus LeMans Eneos.

Race Queen from Team Lexus WedsSport Bandoh.

SUPER GT Start Procedure.

No.26 Team Taisan Cinecitta.

No.22 Team R'Qs Motorsports.

No.14 Team SG Changi.

No.4 Team GSR&Studio with TeamUKYO.

No.6 Team Lexus LeMans Eneos.

No.36 Team Lexus Petronas Tom's.

No.8 Autobacs Racing Team Aguri.

No.17 Team Keihin Real Racing.

No.1 Team Weider Honda Racing.

No.46 Team MOLA.

No.23 Team Nismo.

No.11 Team JimGainer.

No.69 Team ThunderAsia Racing.

No.43 Team Autobacs Racing Team Aguri.

No.33 Team Hankook KTR.

No.88 Team JLOC.

No.35 Lexus Team Kraft.

No.24 Team Kondo Racing.

No.38 Lexus Team Zent Cerumo.

No.19 Lexus Team WedsSport Bandoh.

No.86 Team JLOC.

No.66 Team A Speed.

No.31 Team apr.

Friendship between Japan and Malaysia.

 The Race.

The start of the Super GT race.

The safety car leading the race for the first round.

It's all systems go when all the start lights turned GREEN.

All in a line....



#1: No.1 Weider HSV-010 - Total Time: 1:33:34.849 (Drivers: Takeshi Kogure & Loic Duval)

#2: No.46 S Road MOLA GT-R - Total Time: 1:33:49.047 (Drivers: Masataka Yanagida & Ronnie Quintarelli)

#3: No.17 Keihin HSV-010 - Total Time: 1:34:07.336 (Drivers: Toshihiro Kaneishi & Koudai Tsukakoshi)

#4: No.24 Advan Kondo GT-R - Total Time: 1:34:36.390 (Drivers: Hironobu Tasuda & Bjorn Wirdhelm)

#5: No.38 Zent Cerumo SC430 - Total Time: 1:34:38.736 (Drivers: Yuji Tachkawa & Kohei Hirate)

#6: No.36 Petronas Tom's SC430 - Total Time: 1:34:41.611 (Drivers: Andre Lotterer & Kazuki Nakajima)

#7: No.100 Raybrig HSV-010 - Total Time: 1:34:42.091 (Drivers: Takuya Izawa & Naoki Yamamoto)

#8: No.6 Eneos Sustina SC430 - Total Time: 1:34:50.276 (Drivers: Daisuke Ito & Kazuya Oshima )

#9: No.8 ARTA HSV-010 - Total Time: 1:34:58.338 (Drivers: Hideki Mutoh & Takashi Kobayashi)

#10: No.35 D'station KeePer SC430 - Total Time: 1:35:15.541 (Drivers: Juichi Wakisaka & Andre Couto)

#11: No.19 Weider HSV-010 - (Drivers: Tatsuya Kataoka & Seiji Ara)

#12: No.32 EPSON HSV-010 - (Drivers: Ryo Michigami & Yuhki Nakayama)

#13: No.39 Denso SARD SC430 - (Drivers: Hiroaki Ishlura & Takuto Iguchi)

#14: No.23 Motul Autech GT-R (Drivers: Satoshi Motoyama & Benoit Treluyer)

#15: No.12 Calsonic Impul GT-R - (Drivers: Tsuglo Matsuda & Joao Paulo Lima De Oliveira)


#1: No.4 Hatsunemiku Goodsmile BMW - Total Time: 1:34:10.601 (Drivers: Nobuteru Taniguchi & Taku Bamba)

#2: No.11 JimGainer Dixcel Dumlop 458 - Total Time: 1:34:11.377 (Drivers: Tatsuya Tanaka & Katsuyuki Hiranaka)

#3: No.27 Pacific Nac Ikamusume Ferrari - Total Time: 1:34:57.033 (Drivers: Yutaka Yamagishi & Hideki Yamauchi)

#4: No.88 JLOC Lamborghini RG-3 - (Drivers: Hiroyuki Liri & Yuhi Sekiguchi)

#5: No.43 ARTA Garaiya - (Drivers: Shinichi Takagi & Kosuke Matsuura)

#6: No.74 Corolla Axio apr GT - (Drivers: Morio Nitta & Yuji Kunimoto)

#7: No.87 RIRE Lamborghini RG-3 - (Drivers: Atsushi Yogo & Manabu Orido)

#8: No.62 R&D Sport Legacy B4 - (Drivers: Tetsuya Yamano & Kota Sasaki)

#9: No.33 Hankook Porsche - (Drivers: Masami Kageyama & Tomonobu Fujii)

#10: No.2 Evangelion RT Test-01 IM - Jihan Shiden - (Drivers: Kazuho Takahashi & Hiroki Katoh)

#11: No.31 Hasepro Ma Iwasaki apr Corolla - (Drivers: Koki Saga & Yuki Iwasaki)

#12: No.5 Mach GoGoGo Syaken RD320R - (Drivers:Tetsuji Tamanaka & Haruki Kurosawa)

#13: No.26 Verity Taisan Porsche - (Drivers: Hideshi Matsuda & Kyosuke Mineo)

#14: No.86 JLOC Lamborghini RG-3 - (Drivers: Yuya Sakamoto & Takayuki Aoki)

#15: No.69 ThunderAsia MT900M - (Drivers: Melvin Choo & Hiroki Yoshida)

#16: No.22 R'Qs Vemac 350R - (Drivers: Hisashi Wada & Masaki Jyonai)

At the Winners Podium.

GT300 Champion: Nobuteru Taniguchi & Taku Bamba - No.4 Hatsunemiku Goodsmile BMW

The GT300 winners with their respective trophy.

GT500 Champion: Takeshi Kogure & Loic Duval - No.1 Weider HSV-010

The GT500 Champion.


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