Canon Malaysia launches the new EOS-1D X flagship DSLR

The all new Canon EOS-1D X digital SLR on display at Canon Malaysia worldwide simultaneous launch today.

Kuala Lumpur, 18th October 2011

It was an exciting day today, especially for Canon professional DSLR users in Malaysia. As members of Canon Professional Services (CPS), we were invited to this exclusive launch of what was advertised as the groundbreaking flagship model. I for one are quite skeptical on any new Canon pro DSLR launches so far. I am one of those disappointed owner of the Canon 1D Mark III launched in 2007. So far the only camera from Canon’s stable that I am truly happy and satisfied is the 5D Mark II. But for me to buy another 1D model, it truly has to be an earth-shattering technological marvel! That was my state of mind before I went in for the unveiling of the new DSLR.

The suspense before the unveiling. Top Secret? I don't think so. I have been reading the actual specifications list from Canon Rumors even before I went into the launch theater. But nothing beats looking and touching the actual thing.

A symbolic unlocking of the top secret safe. I guess they also have a top secret safe in Tokyo during the simultaneous unveiling in Japan.

There you go..... the real thing.

The all new Canon EOS 1D X

Teoh Peng Kee - the guru of Canon DSLRs in Malaysia. If you would like to know everything about Canon 1D X, he's the man!

The general specifications. On paper it's impressive and worthy of being called the flagship model. At last Canon has a model that can at least be consider worthy to compete with the impressive Nikon D3s!

This are the product concepts that Canon set out to improve over their previous models.

Main Improvement Point 1: High ISO

Impressive Technical Innovation: Gapless microlenses that is 6.95µm in diameter. It is even better than the EOS-1D Mark IV @ 5.7µm. The large microlenses will enable more light gathering abilities under low light condition, thus improving the high ISO capabilities.

Standard highest ISO capability is set at 51,200. With H2 setting, the highest ISO capability is pushed to a mind boggling figure of 204,800! The Canon EOS-1D X coupled with the EF 200mm F/2.0 IS II lens will enable a normal human to capture photographs in total darkness. It's insane but a much welcome feature.

Main Improvement Point 2: AF System

The main weakness of Canon DSLR systems so far is their AF system. The 1D Mark III was a total disappointment. With the 1D Mark IV, it was a case of hit and miss. For 5D Mark II it was an old system carried forward from the dinosaurs era. So hopefully with the newly revamped AF system, I hope Canon, once and for all will have resolved their AF issues and hopefully will take us, the users to a new standard of high-precision focusing.

Total AF points: 61. 41 f/4.0 cross-type points. 5 f/2.8 dual cross-type @ central.

The distribution of the types of AF points within the collection of the total 61 points.

A dedicated DIGIC 4 image processor just to handle the subject AF tracking. If this can't resolve Canon's camera focusing issues and major embarrassment, I don't know what will.

Smart AF adjustment to replace existing micro adjustment.

Main Improvement Point 3: High-speed Performance - 12/14 fps.

Instant Response: ~36ms Shutter-Release Time Lag.

Main Improvement Point 4:Instant Operation

Responsive Operation: The new EOS-1D X is designed to be operated with one hand (for right-handed person). Most of the buttons has been repositioned for ease of use with only one hand. As I held the new EOs-1D X, I have trouble locating most of the standard buttons on the older 1D Mark III and IV. It's a good problem to have. This could only mean Canon has improved the ergonomic of the buttons for ease of operations. Bravo!

2 new Multi Function buttons are also added to improve on accessibility and functionality.

One-Touch Control in Single menu

Other useful functions


Expandability: Built-in LAN, Wireless LAN and GPS receiver.

The beauty of Canon EOS-1D X.

Even Mr. Ng Kok Leong from The Star is compelled to pose with the irresistibly new Canon EOS-1D X! I could sense he is is going to place a large order of the new DSLR with Canon Malaysia very soon. 🙂

Conclusion: Overall, I feel the new Canon EOS-1D x is a worthy replacement for the EOS-1Ds Mark III and EOS-1D Mark IV. On paper, its latest high-tech specifications will enable it to be Canon flagship camera for the next 1 or 2 years. However, we will have to wait until next March or April before we can get hold of the real production model. Until then, we can only dream and hope. And I for one can only hope that it will live up to its reputation as the flagship model. If it does, I would like to place my order soon!


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