Life is about your journey, not your destination.

Sometimes a photographer's greatest moment is not what he could capture on film, but a little compassion that could only be captured by the heart.

Travel photography is sometimes random, exciting, fun and for the most part hard work. Yet many of us traverse the world and explore the many unbeaten paths for that elusive “the best” photograph that we could capture in our lifetime. And then we would hang up our camera and live our life happily ever after. Precisely just like a fairy tale!

So when I traveled about 1,800 miles from Kuala Lumpur to Chengdu, China and then another 800 miles from Chendu to Lhasa and then being driven a few hundred miles more to some remote locations in Tibet, the last thing on my mind was to put down my camera and walk away from a potential perfect photo opportunity.

Yet, one of my fellow photographer buddy (William Mok) did precisely just that – put down his camera and place the best interest of his subject above all else. A little girl that was attracted by our presence in the village was apparently separated from her mother and seemed to be wandering around aimlessly.

It was a emotional moment for me…. instead of asking her to pose for him, he asked for her hand and instead of snapping her photo he reached out to her and share his food with her and instead of ushering her to his desired spot for a photo shoot, he led her to safety across the road and to her mother’s arm.

I salute you my friend and the mysterious little girl with six fingers on each hand. She is god’s greatest creation and I was moved to tears by your action. Thank you for the moment. Once in a while we needed someone to remind us to show a little compassion and some measure of kindness especially when we travel to far flung places around the world where people live by with the most basic of necessities.

In the spirit of Christmas and year end season’s celebration, show some compassion to someone other than your loved ones, whom may deserve your support and kindness during their trying times. You may not change the world but you may change his perception of the world in general. And that my friends, is more than enough to make the world a better place to be.

Merry Christmas, Planet Earth!

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