“Cake-Walk” at 175m above street level with Jessica Minh Anh.

What you can wear you can eat. The delicious looking cake dress was part of the more than 100 piece of clothing showcased during the J Spring Fashion Show held at Petronas Twin Towers's SkyBridge last night. The colorful cream on the edible cake dress must be super delicious. It definitely was good enough to be eaten right from the wearer's body. Otherwise why would Jessica Minh Anh be having a go at it? This would bring a new meaning to the phrase: It's a cake walk!

 Petronas Twin Towers’ SkyBridge. 19th March 2012.

Jessica Minh Anh pulled off one of the most spectacular fashion show in the capital city of Malaysia last night. Spectacular in the sense that it was held 175 meters above street level and on quite a narrow 58-meter long SkyBridge connecting both the Petronas twin towers. It was also the first time in the history of the Twin towers that an international fashion event was permitted on the 2-storey SkyBridge. That in itself was the main attraction for me to ditch another fashion event held on the same night for this one.

Overall I felt it was quite a strange foreign event held in Malaysian soil, with foreign models, foreign fashion designers and mostly foreign dignitaries and ambassadors as their invitees. I would be happier if maybe one or two popular local designers were invited to spice up the fashion show and to give it some local flavors. Malaysia do have international fashion genius like Zang Toi and Jimmy Choo just to name a few. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology did showcase a few design pieces but I would assume they were from their students’ collections. Jessica Minh Anh did shine as the model of the night as she wore close to 30 of the better looking designs of the night. However one or two of her models weren’t quite up to the standard expected of international models, as they seemed nervous and probably quite green on the runway. Well, maybe I am a bit bias, as I have not seen them in action before. But overall the event was a success to J Model Management and especially to Jessica Minh Anh.

The J Spring Fashion Show showcased the most spectacular 4 season collections by the world’s notable fashion houses, including British fashion leader Paul Costelloe, Dutch celebrity designer Addy van den Krommenacker, Portuguese fashion talent Susana Bettencourt, New York Fashion Week and leading luxurious swimwear brands Gottex and Gideon Oberson, Spanish sensation Chula, Australian fashion brand Katelyn Aslett, India Fashion Week designer Smriti Gupta, and Berlin Fashion Week brand Maicco.

The J Spring Fashion Show did showcase some very creative and eye-catching designs last night. I am sure if they were to launch their brands in Malaysia, they have a good chance of making it in Kuala Lumpur. But one advise to Jessica, please shorten the fashion show to about 1-hour in length as doing it in such narrow space, will present many challenges to the audience especially if they need toilet break which might disrupt the many photographers at the media spot. At 2-hour long without any break, even photographers will die of dehydration and I am very sure I needed a shoulder massage after that. 🙂

Jessica Minh Anh - the very successful model and entrepreneur in striking Red.

A very sensuous dress from a very sexy model.

Jessica Minh Anh, all wrapped up in what looked like Vietnamese Spring Roll Paper.

It was estimated that each model walked more than 5 kilometers during the fashion show. No wonder she needs a prayer.

Jessica Minh Anh showcasing luxurious swimwear brands Gottex and Gideon Oberson

Jessica Minh Anh showcasing luxurious swimwear brands Gottex and Gideon Oberson

The show was choreographed by international movement director K.Knight, known for his work with MTV, Matthew Williamson, and Beyonce.

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