Spectacular Show by Optical 88 @ Mid Valley Fashion Week

A truly spectacular show by Optical 88 worthy of an Oscar!

Arriving more than 1 hour late to this spectacular show, I was not disappointed by what’s on offer. When I got up to the photographer’s podium, the show had probably gone on half-way through. But the display of fresh new models and ‘everything black & greyish’ outfits had me at the eye-wear they wore!

Beautiful eye wear or model?

Eye wear can really make or break your look, no matter how expensive the clothing you had on.

Angelina Jolie's lips?

Beautiful hair day....and nice shades to go with it.....

Eleen Yong looking cute with the ski cap.....

Wilson and his macho shade.

Director's cut!

In the director's hot seat.

Gaya mesti ada! Thumbs up.

emcee and singer

emcee, singer and Afro guitarist.....?

With feelings now......

Now you see it!

Now you don't! This is how you protect your beautiful pair of eyes......

In the spot light: Spectacular Show, Spectacular Shades.......


  1. Tan yeong teck says:

    Just fabulous best of the best, top show , top models from Asia, best optical show.

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