Stylish, Colorful and Fun Kipling @ Fashion On 1

Kipling bags are effortlessly stylish, colorful and fun as well as practical and durable enough for even the most active individual.

For a brand that always attach a mascot monkey to their bags, they sure know how to portray their bags in a stylish, colorful and fun way in a fashion show. It’s refreshing to see the models having fun carrying, slinging, and swinging those colorful and attractively designed bags up and down the runway. The bags were most certainly designed with the young or young at heart on mind, as the bags on show were funky, colorful, fashionable and most importantly affordable to their targeted audience. They have certainly moved on from “The Jungle Book” to the concrete jungle. Bravo Kipling!

23 Kipling bags are sold every minute, somewhere in the world.

Fun purple is certainly "in" this year.

Purple and more purple.

If loud color is not for you, pastel is always there to save the day.

Edgy Black for you, Sir?

More than 35 million people in the world now own at least one Kipling bag. How about you?

Big, red or the monkey bags?

The sophisticated look anyone?

If you like leather or the brown cow look.

the auntie bag is also available.....

One night in Paris?

the air stewardess look?

For the adventurous Indiana Jones and the temple of doom look.

One night in Bangkok for shopping trip?

There are more Kipling bags than there are people in Belgium.

For the busy student.....

Kipling was founded in 1987 with its name inspired by Rudyard Kipling, the author of "The Jungle Book."

Kipling has since evolved beyond its original roots of providing high quality backpacks suited for the adventures of everyday life into a distinctive, worldwide brand offering a range of carryalls for a variety of lifestyles.

Any colors you could imagine.....

Where's the monkey?

These were functional yet stylish bags. Take my money already......

Swinging into an outlet near you soon.....

Forever Kipling!


  1. newprairiestore says:

    So many to choose from…beautiful collection!

  2. eddie chan says:

    u need one for your new lens…the big, red or the monkey bag shud be perfect!

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