Be Dazzled In Style by Nine West @Suria KLCC Fashion Week

Beautiful Nine West shoes and handbags combination on display at Suria KLCC "Be Dazzled In Style" Fashion Week

Suria KLCC boasts some of the biggest fashion brands in Malaysia. If you are a brand conscious person, this is the place to be if you are looking for world class apparel and the most beautiful shoes and handbags money can buy. Thus it came as no surprise when Nine West showcased some of the most beautiful combinations of shoes, handbags (Shoulder, Sling, Tote, Weekend, Duffel, Messenger or Backpack) and colorful clothing I have ever seen during the Suria KLCC fashion week.

However I wished they could have built a better stage with proper photographer’s podium. Yes, if you are a weekend ‘fashionista’ looking for the best deal in town or just want to feast your eyes on the latest and greatest fashion trends around the world, do head to KLCC this weekend. You won’t be disappointed. However if you are a photographer, it is suffice to know that the Y-shape runway is really not very photographers friendly. To make matter worst, they even built a few TV advertisement boxes at the end of the Y-shape runway. How on earth are any self-respecting photographers going to shoot any of the beautiful fashion shows on display this weekend when we can’t even get proper eye contacts with the models?

Usually I don’t really mind using my own ladder to shoot any fashion events but with the runway about 5-feet high it’s just very tiring to hand-hold a 4 to 6kg DSLR with long lenses for the duration of the show. You just couldn’t use a monopod when you are standing on the top rung of the ladder. And with the strategic placement of TV advertisement boxes blocking the end of the runways, it just made shooting runway fashion show in Suria KLCC a hassle I do not want to grapple with. Well, I guess I just have to give Ed Hardy, Banana Republic & Gap and Harley Davidson fashion shows a miss over this weekend. I hope they could improve this ‘minor inconveniences’ for next year’s fashion week.

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