A Cutesy Presentation by Okaidi Obaibi @ Fashion On 1

Okaidi Obaibi presents: A Tintin look-alike! Now where is Snowy & Captain Haddock?

Child models can never ceased to amaze and surprise me whenever they take to the runways. They can sometimes be so confident and other times so freaked out that make the unpredictability of children fashion shows so entertaining and fun to watch. If you have never seen one before, you should make way to one soon with your kids or babies. Who knows? They might be inspired to be a child models too!

Biker girl in the making.....

Beautiful hair....

A die hard baseball fan....

Spy girl in action.....

Boy next door.....

China doll.....

Easily the most confident toddler on the runway. Bravo!

Like a boss!

Oh yes, peace man......

Spring break fashion.....

Where's my daddy?


  1. Hey David, all the pic is very Pro…Could i invite u take pic with my daugheter…she is last year Okaidi kid fashion model (the only one chinese’s girl), like!

  2. Kim oropeza says:

    Thats indeed a lovely pix there David. Love all your shots ..:)

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