X Top Model Search 2012: Closed Door Selection @ Fahrenheit 88

Kenji and her team of judges are having a wonderful ‘X’ day but it’s a day of reckoning for the contestants when their fate in the competition will be determined by their on-the-spot performance!

A contestant paused to think for an appropriate answer that might impress the judges……

July 14, Fahrenheit 88. The call for entry for this year’s X Top Model Search has finally ended. A number of contestants were shortlisted and those that were successful were invited to an Open Casting that were held behind closed door. I guess in Malaysia, it’s just too hard to conduct a bikini or swim suit parade in the open. You wouldn’t want to attract the wrong kind of crowds, especially those hypocrite religious nuts. Updates: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to remove all photos of girls in bathing suits. I am so sorry. If you would like to have your photos, do send me an email with your contestant number and I will reply you with your photo.

Judging by the quality of entries this year, I am hopeful they could uncover yet another successful X-factor personality that would embody the spirit of X Top Model Search in Malaysia. This year the contestants not only need to compete among themselves here, they would also have to contend with competition from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines to be able to earn the title of regional champion.

The contestants this year came better prepared. Most if not all have some kind of catwalk training. Although a good model struts will not guarantee you success, you have to start somewhere and a good catwalk is a good point to start.

Being tall and beautiful are some of the important prerequisite to being a good fashion model, but  to win X Top Model Search, the ‘X’ factor is given more emphasis. No one actually knows what the ‘X’ factor is but most successful models, entertainers and politicians have this unquantifiable quality that made them great.

Therefore I honestly hope they would uncover yet another one this year.

There are in total 172 photos in this post. Do not click on “More” if you do not have the bandwidth to support the photos viewing. Cheers and good luck to all the contestants!

The queue for registration…..

Yes, all your vital statistics….. and no exaggeration please…. 🙂

Yes, just in case you do not know your own height…..

At the customary Sponsors Board…..

Kenji Chan with Faris Waris and Peter Toong.

In deep concentration…..

More queues…..

Going into the lion’s den…..

Another round’s of registration…..

Yes, this is THE day!

Be patient ladies…..

Hopeful of a successful outcome today…..

Cool look!

Naughty look? Awesome! Just don’t do that to the judges…. lol

Intense look….

Are those real? Those BIG eyes, I meant….

High key look….

Low key look….

The girls next door….

BFF? Like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie?

They are having the time of their lives…. something they could relate to their grandchildren in the years to come…. yes grandma was in model search before…

Have a good day, ladies…..

Yes, you gals too…..

Taiwanese look?

We have a Korean pop star in the house?

Good…. don’t be nervous….

What big eyes you have there….

Deep thinking?

The judge: Daren Lee

The Judge: Peter Toong

The Judge: Natacha Meunier

The Judge: Faris Waris

Contestant No. 1

Contestant No. 2 – Safia Atira

Contestant No. 3 – Krystle Arakasamy

Contestant No. 4 – Christine Yap

Contestant No. 5

Contestant No. 6 – Phoebe Teoh

Contestant No. 7 – Charissa Chong

Contestant No. 8 – Eileen Chuah Zhi Ling

Contestant No. 9 – Kia Goh

Contestant No. 10

Contestant No. 11 – Lim Sheau Lee

Contestant No. 12 – Nicole Tan (Top 10 finalist – updated 22/07)

Contestant No. 13 – Pariz Lai

Contestant No. 14 – lim yve von

Contestant No. 15 – Siti Hajar Shafie

Contestant No. 16

Contestant No. 17

Contestant No. 18

Contestant No. 19 – Ravenn Wolton

Contestant No. 20 – Tan Yee Ying (Top 10 finalist – updated 22/07)

Chilling out while waiting for the next event….

Kenji showing how it’s done…..

Who’s the fairest of them all?

Beauties in a row….

Peter and friends….

The judges hard at work…

Contagious smile…..

Contestant No. 21

Contestant No. 22

Contestant No. 23 – Cheryl Gooi

Contestant No. 24

Contestant No. 25 – Fung Ying Tan Tai

Contestant No. 26 – Louise Hyde

Contestant No. 26

Contestant No. 26

Contestant No. 27 – Cynthia Chong

Contestant No. 28

Contestant No. 28

Contestant No. 28

Contestant No. 29 – Liew Kah Kei

Contestant No. 29

Contestant No. 30 – Amanda Soo (Top 10 finalist – updated 22/07)

Contestant No. 31

Contestant No. 32 – Tynaa Verick

Contestant No. 33

Contestant No. 34 – Angelica Yap (Top 10 finalist – updated 22/07)

Contestant No. 35 – Chelsea Florence Untoro (Top 10 finalist – updated 22/07)

Contestant No. 36 – Chyanne Lynn

Contestant No. 37 – Chen Jia Huei

Contestant No. 38

Contestant No. 39

Contestant No. 40

Contestant No. 41 – Daphne Chuah

Contestant No. 42 – Nur Afiqah

Contestant No. 43 – Jasmine Leddar

Contestant No. 44 – Freya Shaari

Contestant No. 45

Contestant No. 46

Contestant No. 47

Contestant No. 48 – April Tang

Contestant No. 49 – June Gan

Contestant No. 50 – Vier Tan (Top 10 finalist – updated 22/07)

Contestant No. 50

Contestant No. 51 – Nur Ellia Sahan

Contestant No. 52 – Mohd Ibrahim Asiah Bibi (Name to be confirmed)

Contestant No. 53 – Yaya Zahir

Contestant No. 54 – Nicole Main

Contestant No. 55 – Nuraini Noor (Top 10 finalist – updated 22/07)

Contestant No. 55

Contestant No. 56 – Sharmini Devi (Top 10 finalist – updated 22/07)

Contestant No. 58 – G-When Chin

Contestant No. 59 – Magdeline Wang (Top 10 finalist – updated 22/07)

Contestant No. 59

Contestant No. 59

Natacha Meunier looking stunning as usual.


  1. Awesome Work David!

  2. Dr.Chong Wee Fong says:

    nice pics taken with balance lighting. By the way how do I get the password to view the closed door v2.0?

  3. Neeta Raj says:

    Yeah agree with Dr.Chong Good work…how do I get the password to view the closed door v2.0?

  4. Dear contestants, I have received many request to send your photos to you. I have tried my very best to comply with your request. But please do not abuse this privilege by asking me to request other photographers for your photos, just because you are too lazy. If you are lazy, this industry is not for you. Get a life somewhere else.

  5. Hi… How can i get the password for v2.0?? Thx… N who is the other top 2 finalist?

  6. It was very refreshing. Some of them became models after the event.

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