‘BLACK GOLD’ of Malaysia – Watch it tonight on Discovery Asia Channel 551!

Smoke trail from a burnt piece of Agar Wood. Its resin is used to make incense, perfumes and other fragrances. It is also highly sought after by the rich and famous of the Arab World.

“Black Gold”

This highly elusive type of wood can only be found in the dense jungle of Malaysia/Asia. When the tree is healthy, it has no value whatsoever. But, when it’s sick, its value is worth more than its weight in gold! A kilo of the super grade ‘A’ Agar Wood’s aromatic resin could fetch a value of up to RM100,000! Now that’s what I called a super duper wooden Gold Rush!

In conjunction with Malaysia National Day celebration, Discovery Asia Channel 551 will showcase a documentary aptly called “Black Gold” in the “Eye On Malaysia 2” slot. If you have always wanted to know more about Agar Wood, aka Kayu Gaharu, Karas, Aloeswood, Eaglewood or Engkaras (aquilaria malaccensis) do tune in to this documentary which will be screened on 29th August at 9pm (tonight) Malaysia’s time.

Watch how the team of award-winning producer, director and editor, led by Chew Han Tah managed to find some of the last “Black Gold in Asia”.

Please note all photos are courtesy of Chew Han Tah and Jet TV Production!

For more information on Chew Han Tah and JetTV Production go to or JetTV facebook page.

The gold rush is now on!

Agar Wood Tree

Made in Bollywood….. you would need to at least hug the tree once….

Director, Chew Han Tah with the giant Agar Tree.

Agar Wood Harvester – Bapak Penan from Sarawak

The Switch! My Spear for your Boom Arm? It would be interesting to produce a documentary just on this guy alone….. I am sure he has many tales to share with the rest of us.

The Documentary Team.

The ‘artificial sickness’ in the form of virus is injected into the wood to artificially induce the production of the highly prized aromatic resin. Actually you can also grow the black gold in your own back yard. That’s why you should make it a point to watch this invaluable documentary tonight! Happy Independence Day Malaysia! May your subjects be blessed with more Black Gold in the years to come…….

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