The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Show in Malaysia

The legacy of Princess Diana lives on! Prince William is not only popular in Britain, he’s now a household name in Malaysia too. His visit to Kuala Lumpur this past 2 days has reaffirmed his popularity and his larger than life image as the handsome and dashing British prince.

September 14, 2012

When it comes to everything British, Malaysian certainly has some crazy obsession with 2 products from this country. One is the ever popular English Premier League (EPL) where Malaysians are more passionate about their EPL’s teams than their national’s football team. The country’s neighbourhood “Mamak” food stalls will probable go bust if EPL is banned in this country!

The second obsession is with the British royalty, especially during Princess Diana time. That’s why Malaysians from all walks of life come out in force to show their support and respect for the visiting future King. I guess this has also to do with the fact that Malaysia, like Britain is a country that still practise constitutional monarchy system.

Today we saw a huge turnout from tourists, well-wishers and Malaysians alike who are fans of Prince William and the ever beautiful Catherine Middleton. They were feted to an array of cultural performance from the diverse ethnic groups from the country. Nothing beats the experience more than some picture from some travel books. I truly hope the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do enjoy their short stay in Malaysia. The turnout itself says a lot about their popularity here and I do hope they will come back again for a longer stay sometime in the near future.

Welcome to Malaysia!

I must say that British High Commissioner to Malaysia, Simon Featherstone is truly a funny gentleman. His funny but effective message of welcome to would be well-wishers and fans to the event in KLCC Park must surely be a first by any ambassador to Malaysia. I decided to drop by after watching his funny welcome message in YouTube.

If you don’t believe me, take a look.

Below are some photos taken during the event today. Please excuse some bad composition of the photos as I wasn’t exactly well positioned in the park during the walkabout. 🙂

The media frenzy has started…..

More media frenzy…..

Will and Kate enjoying their walkabout at KLCC park.

The crowds went crazy for the royalty…..

The media people are relentless…..

More media people….

Pausing for a moment and getting some briefing….

Oh…. stop it…. I have an overload of gadgets….

Drowned in gadgets? I guess he’s not switching on his iPhone for the next 1 week…..

He is not exactly short of admirers here in Malaysia….

“Wow, What a crowd!”

The crowd just can’t seem to get enough of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Look at the turnout, just to have a glimpse of Will & Kate.

Modern day mobile phone culture.

The Cultural Performers after the show….

The sporting “King to be”.

Honestly…… I was aiming for the earring….. LOL

iPhone fans….. with their future king…..

Their Royal Highnesses walking towards Suria KLCC.

More fans waiting….

Bidding good byes and going to their next lunch destination….

While shooting overhead, I accidentally switched my Canon 5D MK2 dial from A to M and screwed up the exposure of one of my photo of them together. I should sue Canon for not having a dial lock on the camera! What a pity. But I loved the moment captured.

Same disaster as above but I managed to recover some of the overblown highlights in my RAW file. 😦

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