L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2012 Grand Finale – Part 2

“The Parisan House of Hairdressing” theme was a story that transmit the idea that hair as a piece of garment that can both embody and transcend fashion, therefore inspiring the hairdressers to see their craft as bespoke couture.

Prior to the winner’s announcement, guests were treated to a spectacular hair show featuring five established L’Oréal Artistic Ambassadors who lend their expertise in creating looks inspired by L’Oréal Professionnel Spring/Summer 2012 Colour Collection. Entitled ‘Artisanal Expressions’, Albert Nico, founder of Albert Nico Boutique Salon; Andy Chan, founder of AndyChan Hair Studio; Kevin Woo, founder of Centro Hair Salon; Miko Au, founder of Miko Galere and Simon Koh, founder of ELLE Hair Studio paid homage to “The Parisian House of Hairdressing”, celebrating the tradition of Parisan haute couture where the art of hairdressing is revered, practiced and perfected. The showcase transmitted the idea that hair as a piece of garment can both embody and transcend fashion, therefore inspiring the hairdressers to see their craft as bespoke couture.

The concept of ‘Artisanal Expressions’ looked into the artisanal work of craftsmanship, creating desire amongst other hairdressers. It is a continuing story of ‘La Couture’ and ‘Retro Nouveau’ with a modern twist with timeless vision of beauty. The story was unveiled in 3 chapters.

Photos of Chapters 1 and 2 were presented in Part 1.

Chapter 3 which is the ‘The Parisian House of Hairdressing’ will be showcased in Part 2 of this blog. Chapter 3 proved yet again why the 5 famed hairdressers were chosen as the L’Oréal Artistic Ambassadors. They were truly creative geniuses in the ‘hairy’ sense and I was really impressed with the combination of the hair pieces, makeup and garments which totally transformed the models into women of our wildest fantasies. A job well done guys!

Truly a hair raising experience for a hairy hairy day. The bird-woman of Cuckoo Island?

Wafa presenting the ‘rosy’ garment in combination with a headgear made of hair.

The inspiration must have came from a yak or a water buffalo…..

An elegant combination of fake flowers, pieces of wood corset and a hair pieces made for target practice…..

A beautiful rendition of Coit Tower…. yummy….

Nano Nano …….. the aliens has landed……

Right out from the movie: “A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke.

This is a toss between aliens and predators inspired hair pieces….

I guess the inclination is more towards Predators than Aliens……

The final presentation…….

Chapter 1, 2 and 3 all on stage at the same time….

L’Oréal Artistic Ambassadors – the men that made the show worth watching….

L’Oréal Artistic Ambassadors – thank you guys…..

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