Construction & Infrastructure Equipment Exhibition (CIEX) 2012


I just couldn’t give up the opportunity to view up close and personal all the Caterpillar “TOYS” that were on display at the Preview of Construction & Infrastructure Exhibition (CIEX) 2012. These are big toys for BIG boys. Drop by and take a look now. You won’t have many opportunity to do this in Malaysia.

Selangor, 1 Dec 2012

For some people, the fascination with heavy-duty mammoths started from a young age, while others appreciate their role in the development of towns and cities, and some drive them for a living. Most people however rarely get a chance to get up close to such enormous equipment; some of these trucks loaders and excavators are the size of a bungalow and up to 7 meters in height.

When I was invited to attend this exhibition preview event, I was initially surprised that the public will be allowed to view and even play with such huge equipments that for most of us (boys and some girls) remain as memories of our childhood toys. It really was a great opportunity for me to view first hand on the latest and greatest what Tractors Malaysia has to offer and also to share with you guys on these giant equipments.

Following the preview, the four-day CIEX 2012 will be open to members of the public after the first two days which are only intended for trade and industry participants. This is the first time Tractors Malaysia is holding such event.

Visitors to CIEX 2012 can experience the thrill of handling heavy machinery through the machine simulator and live demonstrations of vehicles like the 20MT – 30MT Hydraulic Excavators, Motor Graders and Backhoe Loaders. Participants on the 5 and 6 of December will also have the chance to participate in seminars, a super sale featuring new machines, used equipment, machine auctions and a product support parts sale blitz.

CIEX 2012, which takes place from 5-8 December from 10:00am – 7:00pm, will showcase more than 30 Caterpillar products and services, an array services and systems as sell as daily demonstrations and a host of other attracts. Visitors can also purchase official CAT merchandise ranging from footwear and time pieces to scale models of machinery. If you have kids at home or if you are still kids at heart, this is a good time to pick up some real CAT merchandise to add to your collections. Three new CAT products will also be launched on the first day for trade partners.

Information on Construction and Infrastructure Equipment Exhibition 2012 (CIEX 2012)

  1. The CIEX 2012 is being held for the first time in Malaysia
  2. The CIEX 2012 theme is ‘Technology’
  3. The Site will be divided as follows:
  • In the live demonstration site, there will be a total of 5 Caterpillar vehicles and machines on display.
  • Touch point display units in the Hospitality Suite to educate participants on Caterpillar products and services.
  • Technology seminars for trade will be held at the respective pavilions. Daily seminars will be held on various topics ranging from machines productivity and production efficiency to industrial safety.
  • Machine auctions will take place daily.
  • CAT merchandise can be bought at the CAT Merchandise Store. A wide variety of official and limited edition CAT toys, footwear, time pieces and other merchandise can be found here.
  • Product parts support sales blitz.

Opening Hours

  1. Open to Customers and Trade Visitors on December 5 and 6, 2012 from 10:00am to 7:00pm.
  2. Open to Special Groups and Public on December 7 and 8, 2012 from 10:00am to 7:00pm.
  3. Admission is FREE.
  4. CIEX 2012 takes place at the Tractors Malaysia headquarters in Puchong. For greater convenience, register for a QR Code Reader that can be used for entry onto the site.
  5. For more information, visit or call +603-8068 8300

Articulated Truck


Hydraulic Excavators


Skid Steer Loaders


Skid Steer Loaders – I am driving one of this after a 5 minutes briefing. This is just so easy to operate. 🙂


Hydraulic Excavators – This was where I learned about boom, stick and bucket. And this model could excavate right up to its track!


A participant being brief on how to operate the hydraulic excavator – It take just 5 – 10 minutes and he was digging away like there’s no tomorrow……


A Telehandler


On board a tele handler….. 6 meter from ground level and it could go all the way up to 17 meter.


The instructor briefing me on how to operate the hydraulic excavator….. he also explained how, why and where to use this equipment.


A fisheye view from the cockpit. My childhood dream came through on that day…..


Don’t PLAY PLAY……. this guy (strong resemblance to Bollywood’s MGR of yesteryears) is certified not only to train customers but also employee of Tractors Malaysia/Caterpillars worldwide. If you want to be a macho man, you can’t get any macho than this, standing beside a real man’s Machine!


The Telehandler at work


Motor Graders – I forgot what this machine does – I have seen too many toys on the same day and my brain just couldn’t compute…..


AP 600D – Asphalt Paver – You could tell the state of the economy of a Country just by the numbers of these machines working on the roads.


CS-533E – Vibratory Soil Compactor – You will see this more often now that the authorities/highway concessionaries have acknowledged that Malaysian weather and soil condition needed this equipment to reduce the maintenance frequency of our asphalt roads.


Wheel Loaders


Telehandler – Look more like a machine used in Jurassic Park the Movie.


The Machine has transformed themselves to greet you – Soon they might just lower their boom, stick and bucket and offer you a handshake…..


Rows of hydraulic excavators waiting for their new owners……


Come and experience the real man’s machine…..


If you need to know how BIG this Off-Highway Truck is!


I miss this place already…… It would be even more fantastic if I could arrange for a fashion show right below these boom arms of the medley of hydraulic excavators…..


  1. david victor says:

    If there is another expo like this being planned I am interested in participating.

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