Launched: Amber Chia’s Guide to a Successful Modelling Career.

Two Malaysian Fashion Icons posing for yours truly during the launching of Amber Chia's Guide to a Successful Modelling Career.

Two Malaysian Fashion Icons posing for yours truly during the launching of Amber Chia’s Guide to a Successful Modelling Career.

Amber Chia’s guide to a Successful Modelling Career is the first of many to come in the Masterclass Series by MPH, a new line of books by local experts sharing their knowledge and experience in their areas of specialty.The book is not meant to be a technical know how of posing or catwalk but instead an off the cuff sort of guide book for a successful modelling career based on practical experience and personal journeys.

“I did not know a thing about modelling when I started out as a teenager. I wish there was a school or a guidebook that I could have referred to back then.” says Amber. “I managed to set up a modelling academy a few years back and now, I’m so happy that I can also produce a guidebook to help aspiring models.”

Amber Chia’s Guide consists of 11 chapters, each full of advice for young women keen on pursuing a modelling career in Malaysia and beyond. Topics covered include how to assess oneself, modelling platforms, professional attitude, personal branding, avoiding scams, other employment opportunities and much more.

Amber also shares her journey, from her childhood days in Tawau daydreaming about modelling, to winning the GUESS international ambassadorship and where she is today.

With no mentor and no connections in the industry, she could have easily stumbled and made the kind of mistakes many aspiring models make on their quest for success. But her steely determination to make it big on her terms guided Amber through the difficult years.

Now, in a single book, she shares all the best practices for succeeding in the field that she has so thoroughly dominated.

“Being a professional model is hard work, but at the end of the day, if it is something you enjoy and have passion for, modelling can be a very rewarding career choice. I made that choice a long time ago and despite the ups and downs, I’m glad I did.”

Amber Chia’s Guide to a Successful Modelling Career is published by MPH Group Publishing and will be available in all major bookstores at RM35.90 a copy. It will also be available as an e-Book via MPH Digital.

I don’t usually attend book launches or book related event but this is one event I felt I just have to attend as it brought 2 Malaysian Fashion Icons to a single venue for a good cause. Now Malaysians aspiring to be models will have a guide book to refer to from a ‘Big Sister’ in the business. Modelling as a career has taken off worldwide with the success of supermodels from the western world but here in Malaysia, we may still lack the proper training and international exposure needed to break into the so-called Fashion Capitals of the world. I view this as a first step in giving the required insights and personal sacrifices required to make it in the world of fashion modelling.

On a personal level, I have just gone through Chapter 1 ( 38 pages) of her book and I have to say I was impressed with what she has written and what she has to share with the world. I was taken through a journey of her impoverished childhood, unhappy foster family, trials and tribulations of a 17-year old and her bold decision to pursue her dreams ‘on a wing and a prayer’. You will have to read the book to find out what I am talking about. 🙂

For an Asian model who couldn’t speak English very well, it was truly a miracle for her to win the Timeless Beauty Competition in 2004 and becoming the face of Guess Watches. Based on just her dream and her belief of “Never try, never know” she conquered her fear and left behind her “formerly selling fish” experience to become the Guess Timeless Beauty Ambassador! What a changed of luck! Was it luck or was it preparation plus luck? She was living her dreams, traveling the world, going to over 30 countries for Guess appearances and cover shoots.

She is undoubtedly the most successful and most accomplished model in Malaysian history. I have shot her (with my camera of course) on the runways many times over the years and I have to say that she is one of a select few that I know will always give me the best pose and the best representation of what she is wearing, whether it’s a multimillion dollar jewellery piece, a million dollar dress or a face full of artistic make-up! She is that good.

So, if you are an aspiring or struggling model, my advise, go and get a copy of her book. It might not help you now but remember, luck is preparation plus opportunity. Enough said.


The stage is set.


The books are stacked.


and her son is stoked….. seen here…… Amber with Carmen Soo


The arrival of VIP guest…. none other than Mr. Jimmy Choo


The guests……


Amber Chia, the author of the book with her speech.


Success has not gone to her head…. she is still as humble as when she started out


The unveiling….. of the book


Here you go….. a copy for your reading pleasure….


Amber, flanked by some of her successful models.


Amber presenting a book to Andrew, the person who gave her, her first big break in local fashion scene.


Amber with Carven Ong.


2 beauties….. Amber and Carmen


Amber and her catwalk guru, Benjamin Toong


Amber and Nadine Ann Thomas, Miss Malaysia Universe 2010


Amber with Carey Ng, Miss Malaysia Universe 2013 (need to confirm)


Amber and the designers behind Salabianca


Amber with representative from Pensonic (need to confirm)


Amber with Jojo Struys


Group photo – Sorry, my lens not wide enough and there’s no space behind to retreat….


Thanks Ben for lining them up in 2 rows….


Amber posing with her stage and her book….


The ever beautiful Amber Chia….


She will never run out of pose….. 🙂


The beautiful emcee – I am sorry, I forgot to ask her name.


Amber, Jimmy with the models.


Alternate view….


This is the man to interview!


Die hard fans lining up to buy the books on the spot.


Ralph proudly display his purchased book! Good luck Ralph!


Book signing and picture taking time.


Wah….. do you need to buy so many copies…..??? Her pen will be out of ink soon…..


Instantly inspired and full of confidence already…..


Mommy, can we go home already……why the queue so long…..???

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