Dockers’ Fall Into Khaki for the Malaysian “Fashion Kaki”


Dockers’ Fall/Winter 2013 Collection showcases the brands latest Alpha Khaki designs, engineered for the Alpha men.

Dockers recently showcased its full range of Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, at the Chandan Gallery in Publika Shopping Gallery. The event also showcased the brands latest Alpha Khaki designs, engineered for the Alpha men. If you think you are the go-getter sort of men and your female friends always refer to you as the Alpha man….. you should be heading to Dockers fashion gallery as soon as you possibly could…. they have the sort of clothing especially designed for man like you. Yes, you, the Alpha man…… 

Well, if you don’t think you belong to this category of men….. well you could always try “Dorkers”….. available exclusively from Petaling Street…….

But seriously, Dockers is always associated with man’s pants, as far as I am concerned…. I have been wearing this brand ever since I was studying in the USA, many many moons ago. And I am still wearing them to this day. I don’t think you need any introduction to this brand and I will spare you the bore and show you some photos instead. 🙂


The Dockers Fall/Winter 2013 Collection on display


The stage or stages…..


The Brand…..


The Logo….


The music….


The emcee…..


Err….. the 2 beautiful emcees


The ever beautiful Daphne Iking…. since it’s exclusively man’s fashion….. I just need to insert more beauty to spice up the pages…..


The Boss…… and his short and sweet speech


The pants and collared tees looked awesome. It must be so so comfortable…..


The Alpha man image, my friend….. this is what you pay for…..


This is a bit too loud for me….. but one man’s meat is another man’s poison….. chill it man….


Red must be in right now….. where’s the khaki….. ?


The Boss look…..


Don’t worry if this pants’ cutting is not for you…. they have already came up with all the options for you – standard tapered, slim tapered and skinny tapered….. what else could you ask for?


Are these clothing combinations not macho enough for you?


They even have the Amish look if you prefer….. 🙂


The Collection – 1


The Collection – 2


The finale….


And the band is still rocking…. all night long…….


  1. Honestly, people can buy whatever they want to buy with their own money. It’s their own choice and no one has the right to judge.

    • Of course….. their money their choices….. but everyone is entitled to their own opinion…… it’s a free Country…… 🙂

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