KLFW 2013 – Fairuz Ramdan


Fairuz Ramdan is known for his trademark vintage style and classic tailoring. For KL Fashion week he is debuting his ready-to-wear menswear collection exclusively curated for Parkson – Fairuz Ramdan for Parkson. Needless to say, his collection is classical, realistic but with a touch of eccentricity as could be seen with the photo above.

The Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013 posting will not carry any editorial. I am sure you only wanted to view the beautiful fashion on show and how you could lay your hand on your favorite pieces.

Fairuz-Ramdan-02 Fairuz-Ramdan-03 Fairuz-Ramdan-04 Fairuz-Ramdan-05 Fairuz-Ramdan-06 Fairuz-Ramdan-07 Fairuz-Ramdan-08 Fairuz-Ramdan-09 Fairuz-Ramdan-10 Fairuz-Ramdan-11 Fairuz-Ramdan-12 Fairuz-Ramdan-13

Fairuz Ramdan Writeup-01

An article by GLAM magazine on Fairuz Ramdan featuring some of my photos.

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