I am an ordinary Malaysian working, playing and living in Kuala Lumpur. I consider myself a Jack of all trades and master of some, maybe some of the time. Sometimes I do like to write about all things that interest me and the people around me. And believe me, there are many things that interest me, for example: photography, latest electronic gadgets, latest DSLR, swiftlet farming, durian farming, IT and Software Business, Digital On-Demand Printing, Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Adventure & Traveling, etc….

If you do read this, than probably you are curious about the author. So welcome to my blog! Feel free to leave your comments if any, otherwise do have a good day….. or night.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you would like to contact me or if you would like me to cover/blog about your company’s event.  <<<daviegan at>>>


  1. Dear Dave

    I would love to use one of your Ai Tominaga images – please e-m me?

  2. Very nice pics, throughout the site, really informative and a great use of wide angle to communicate. Your photography is excellent.

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Hi,I’m Michael from Hotshoes. Can we have permission to use your shots from The Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar 2011 event?

  5. Veronica Lee says:

    Hi Davie,
    Your blogs on swiftlets and fashion are simply interesting. Sometime back, I wrote to ask for your invite to your swiftlet e-book but got no reponse from you. I am a very keen to learn more about swiftlet farming and to build a BH in about a year’s time. Hope you will permit/invite. Thank you and regards,Lee

    • Veronica,
      I am sorry. I have not received your email previously. Furthermore I do not have any swiftlet e-book as stated above. However my family is in this business for quite a while now. If you are interested to build a new birdhouse, you could check out the website below:

      If you just want to explore more about swiftlet farming, you could read about them from my blog postings. Just go through the 4 parts of writeup and see whether this business is for you. I wish you all the best in your future undertakings.

  6. Very nice shots 🙂

  7. Belinda Kong says:

    Hi David, Thanks for the lovely photos of the X Top Model Casting. I understand there is a swimwear casting on that day. Will you kindly post it on your blog or email me.

    • I am sorry the swimwear casting photos could not be posted for public viewing. If you are a contestant, please indicate your contest number and I will email it to you.

  8. Hi, I have sent e-mail to you at, asking about some event covering and your price.
    Please Reply.
    Thank you

    • I cover mostly fashion and beauty related events as blogger and photographer. For commercial assignments, my rate starts from USD800 for photography and USD1,500 for video related projects. Pro bono work: projects that benefits the community in general and extreme travel. Email me at

  9. Dave, i would love to use one of your ai tomiaga – please e-m me ?

  10. Dear Davie

    On behalf of Tractors Malaysia and the Sime Darby Industrial Division, we thank you for coming to our CIEX 2012 event. I trust it was an interesting visit for you. You did look like you were having a lot of macho fun!

    Your photography skills are to be reckoned with and we really like some of the pictures. Would you mind if we use some of them for our internal Sime Darby Newsletter and credit them to you?

    Thank you.

    John Lee de Agama
    Head – Corporate Affairs
    Industrial Division

    • John,
      I had lots of fun that day. Thanks for the invite. Yes, you have my permission to use all the images for your internal newsletter.

  11. Hi Dave,

    I’m interested to use one of your images from Earth Hour, could you e.m. me please?

  12. Hi davie ,i have send you email to
    pls check it ~thank you

    From Phuna

  13. Hi Davie. im yasmin, designer to the label ‘When our eyes met’ .I jus saw your blog & lovin the pics. do u mind sending me the runway pics u posted from the recent KLFW in ai pls? would love to share them. heres my mail, cheers! 😉

    • Yasmin,
      You could download the photos from my blog. Just click on the images you wanted and right-click them to download. You have my permission to share the photos.

  14. Hello Dave, Im Julie from Leisure Guide Publishing. We are the publisher of a country guide book title ‘The Guide To Malaysia’, representing the country on a whole manner.
    We have a section on the article for ‘Fashion & Design in Malaysia’, however, we have difficulties in getting the pictures.
    We have seen the pictures in your blog and they are really beautiful shots and also interesting. Therefore, on behalf of my CEO (Regina Fabiny), we would like to explore with you on how to go about in getting the pictures. We have no problem in giving you a credit mention for all shots used.
    Do you think you can spare a little time to meet up with us to discuss on how to go about with the pictures. My CEO, would love to meet up with yrself. Pse advise.

    Thank you very much and you have a good day.

    Julie Jamal
    Leisure Guide Publishing Sdn.Bhd.,
    Petaling Jaya.
    Tel: 03 79557013 / 79581558
    CEO (Regina Fabiny) HP 012 202 9168.

  15. Harry shahriman says:

    Hi Dave,
    Im seeking your permission to use one of your image (KL skyline during dawn) to be published in our newspaper as a background for 2017 budget. Hope to hear something from you .

    Best Regards,
    Harry Shahriman,

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