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The Lady of Arbore Tribe in Ethiopia

As an alumni member of PMPE, I was recently featured by in an interview with Maxby Chan (Administrator of about my passion for photography. The original article could be read here. However I re-blog the whole article here for your convenience. I seldom post my travel photos in this blog as I mostly share them in my facebook page with my friends. You could catch a glimpse of some of my recent travel photos in this interview. Note: PMPE is the acronym for PhotoMalaysia Photosafari Experience.

Below is the article reproduced in full.


Children of Kuro Tribe, Ethiopia

Davie Gan is an advanced amateur photographer. He has joined our many photosafaris to The Old Silk Road, Ha Giang in North Vietnam and Ethiopia last year. He is one photographer who has developed his own unique style of telling his own visual story.  We have watched Davie’s photography progress over the past 5 years and when we say that we are impressed, it is an understatement. We have got lots to learn from him. We are now sharing his experiences and what goes through his mind with our readers. Hope that you all enjoyed it.

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Canon Malaysia launches the new EOS-1D X flagship DSLR

The all new Canon EOS-1D X digital SLR on display at Canon Malaysia worldwide simultaneous launch today.

Kuala Lumpur, 18th October 2011

It was an exciting day today, especially for Canon professional DSLR users in Malaysia. As members of Canon Professional Services (CPS), we were invited to this exclusive launch of what was advertised as the groundbreaking flagship model. I for one are quite skeptical on any new Canon pro DSLR launches so far. I am one of those disappointed owner of the Canon 1D Mark III launched in 2007. So far the only camera from Canon’s stable that I am truly happy and satisfied is the 5D Mark II. But for me to buy another 1D model, it truly has to be an earth-shattering technological marvel! That was my state of mind before I went in for the unveiling of the new DSLR.

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Canon 1D Mark IV HD-DSLR – The pretender or the real McCoy?

Canon 1D Mark IV  (Photo from

Canon 1D Mark IV (Photo from

Competition in the pro-segment of the digital camera market is heating up fast. Just when we were amazed by Nikon’s announcement of the support for ISO sensitivity of up to 102,800 on the 14th of Oct, we were surprised yet again by another fierce competitor whom not only matched Nikon’s announcement blow-by-blow but has elevated the playing field to another ridiculous level that seemed unattainable just a few years ago. With this new announcement, Canon has within 2 ‘long’ years of their disastrous debut of the Canon 1D Mark III, re-positioned themselves back on the right path to success. Failure is not an option this time around, I hope!

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Nikon Show at Mid Valley Megamall

The drool factor for the latest Nikon D3s coupled with the new AFS Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II far outweight the beautiful model who is holding the potent combination.

The drool factor for the latest Nikon D3s coupled with the new AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II far outweighs the beautiful model who is holding the potent combination.

Nikon Malaysia is currently promoting the Nikon Show at Mid Valley Megamall as the Nikon’s highlight event of the year. There will be many activities and also a photo contest for all photography enthusiasts. There’s even free photography talks by a few professional photographers but for me, the best reason to drop by Nikon booth is the chance to view or maybe touch and feel the beautiful Nikon D3s. The D3 has proven to be the most awesome digital camera to hit the market for professional sports and news photographers and has taken a big chunk of market share back from Canon 1 series camera. You just need to look at major sports event like the Beijing Olympics and football matches. Previously you could only see Canon trademark white L lenses along the sidelines but in recent years you could see a mix of black and white lenses. This is a major coup for Nikon and for Canon to catch up, they really need to come up with some really earth-shattering technologies that might give Nikon a run for their money.

As a Canon 1D Mark III user, I can vouch that the latest Nikon D3s is really tempting me to beg, borrow or steal just to get my hand on one of this baby. The newly redesigned image sensor of the new Nikon D3s will take the concept of “low light photography” to a completely new level and maybe Nikon might even create a new niche in photography which is close to “No Light Photography”. I can just imagine using the latest Nikon D3s with the new AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens. With the D3s capability of an ISO value of up to 102,400 and the ‘VR II’ lens claimed benefit of 4 additional stops, anything is possible.

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