KLFW RTW 2014 Featuring Farah Khan


KLFW RTW 2014 featuring the latest collection from Farah Khan

21st June 2014

Farah Khan Fashion Show is always attended by the well-heeled and well-dressed crowds, anywhere around the world. So it is only natural to see the who’s who on the list of their invited guests last night. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it to her own fashion show last night. However she never disappoints with her latest collection. I always like how she starts off her show with environmental or personal messages on the tees of her models. Then the show starts proper…… and the crowds were blown away by her super fast-paced fashion catwalks that are not only beautiful but are distinctively Farah Khan! Kudos to another job well done.

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Farah Khan @ MIFW 2011

Farah Khan @ MIFW 2011

There’s no show like the Farah Khan fashion show. You can’t call yourself a “fashionista” yet if you have not attended one of her fashion extravaganza. And at last night’s Melium gala, she proved the point yet again. With beautiful Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry at the helm, and accompanied by loud and fast-paced techno beat, the stream of never ending models rocked the night away with YSL, PUCCI and 3 collections from Farah Khan. Asia truly rocks!

I have to say the FK or Farah Khan Collections were truly impressive and thrilling. I was rocking to the loud techno beat while taking photographs of the models. I just can’t wait for the next model to come out and so on. I was enjoying the music too much that some of my photos came out blurry. Oh well, that’s OK. At least I enjoyed myself.

FK presented 3 different collections. They have choreographed the models catwalk perfectly to the techno beat and each collection was grouped based on either the colors or the messages printed on the dress. And with the stream of models coming out non-stop and to the beat of the music, you just can’t help but to feel overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of designs and colors bombarding your sight all at the same time. But quantity is of no use if there is no quality. And I am happy to report that Farah Khan is truly a fashion genius. Her design makes the models look so good that I am sure they will make you look good too if you are lucky enough to own one of her creation.

Farah Khan’s  Melium Gala is truly a fashion gala not to be missed by any self-respecting “fashionista” out there. Even after the last model walked off the runways, I could sense the crowds were still waiting for more to come. When you can’t get enough of something, you know it has to be good. Don’t fret if you have not seen the mother of all fashion show – there’s always next year. Good luck!

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The many faces of Ai Tominaga at M-IFW 2009

Ai Tominaga modeling a dress and jacket from Yves Saint Laurent @ M-IFW 2009

The Malaysian International Fashion Week 2009 has came and gone. But the impressions left by Ai Tominaga, the New York-based Japanese supermodel that made a special appearance in Malaysia for the first time, lingers on. We find teenagers and wannabe young models lining up or trying to sneak into the fashion show just to see her in action or to have their photographs taken with her. She had left quite an impression on designers, spectators and even fellow models at the recently concluded M-IFW 2009. Czech Republic’s model, Barbora Snajdrova wrote in my facebook photo album: “I have a picture with her! She is very professional and nice, not like some other models what dont have even half of success as she and they think they are most important models in the world!” Aptly said!

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