Davie Gan – Featured PMPE Alumni Member


The Lady of Arbore Tribe in Ethiopia

As an alumni member of PMPE, I was recently featured by in an interview with Maxby Chan (Administrator of about my passion for photography. The original article could be read here. However I re-blog the whole article here for your convenience. I seldom post my travel photos in this blog as I mostly share them in my facebook page with my friends. You could catch a glimpse of some of my recent travel photos in this interview. Note: PMPE is the acronym for PhotoMalaysia Photosafari Experience.

Below is the article reproduced in full.


Children of Kuro Tribe, Ethiopia

Davie Gan is an advanced amateur photographer. He has joined our many photosafaris to The Old Silk Road, Ha Giang in North Vietnam and Ethiopia last year. He is one photographer who has developed his own unique style of telling his own visual story.  We have watched Davie’s photography progress over the past 5 years and when we say that we are impressed, it is an understatement. We have got lots to learn from him. We are now sharing his experiences and what goes through his mind with our readers. Hope that you all enjoyed it.

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