KLFW RTW 2014 Featuring inFLUENCE


KLFW RTW 2014 featuring design from inFLUENCE – Photo Credit: Zoe Gan

This has got to be the weirdest dark series fashion show at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Show RTW 2014. Not only does the label feature hooded masked men, they are also the one and only brand that equipped their models with spiked ninja styled rubber boots coupled with the black lacy gloves. Cool, really cool!

I do not have much information regarding this brand but suffice to say, if you are a fan of this genre of fashion, you would have known that their shop is located at Sungei Wang Plaza. You could find more information about them at

All photos featured in this post are courtesy of Zoe Gan, a young photographer who specialized in Fashion Photography.

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