KLFW RTW 2014 Featuring Ghea Panggabean – Indonesia


KLFW RTW 2014 featuring design from Ghea Panggabean – Indonesia  –  Photo Credit: Zoe Gan

Kuala Lumpur, 18th June 2014

Maintaining the basic principles of design, colors, layout and fabric, Ghea Panggabean’s concept for her label gives a modern touch to Indonesian ethnicity. Her textiles which were inspired by heritage and folklore elements are translated into contemporary clothing lines. Her collection ranges from ready-to-wear, casual mix and match to very sophisticated garments. Creating her own textiles motifs on prints as well as various handmade fabrics such as silks, organza and batiks, she is truly inspired by Indonesia’s rich textiles heritage.

All photos featured in this post are courtesy of Zoe Gan, a young photographer who specialized in Fashion Photography.

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Travel and People Series – Yogyakarta III

This is literally: Snack-on-wheel.

This is literally: Snack-on-wheel.

A snack vendor pushing his weather-beaten cart along the street of Yogyakarta. Fast food entrepreneurs hawking their wares on road-sides and street corners are a common sight in most Asian cities and they contributed their share of ‘wealth’ towards the local economic vibrancy of the cities. So you see, good food also meant good economic model for the country.


Travel and People Series – Yogyakarta II

This is the most popular mode of transport in Jogyakarta.

This is the most popular mode of transport in Yogyakarta.

5:36pm – Traditional pedal-powered trishaws (aka becaks) are perhaps the most popular mode of transport in the city of Yogyakarta. It’s cheap, fast and easy to maneuver in the ever narrow stretch of roads in the city. Even horse cart and taxi have to give ways to them when they are in motion. So, if time is of the essence, they will not let you down, ever!


Travel and People Series – Borobudur

An early morning view of the trees and landscape as viewed from the main stupa.

An early morning view of the trees and the serene landscape as viewed from the main stupa of the Borobudur Temple.

7:40am – Early morning view of the secondary forest surrounding the Borobudur Temple. If you would like to have a taste of man-made nirvana, then this place is for you. Be there at around 5am and walk up the stairs to the upper level of the temple and enjoy the serene atmosphere, beauty of sunrise and the quiet contemplation of your own life.


Travel and People Series – Yogyakarta I


A fruit vendor eking out a livelihood on the street of Yogyakarta. Her weather-beaten face spoke of a life full of hardship and personal struggle to maintain a dignified existence. She glanced at me just after I snapped her photo and gave me a friendly but reserved smile. In her heyday, she might just be a classy lady with a smile to die for!

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