Auto Show Models @ Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2013


Professional Auto Show Model has come a long way in ensuring a successful motor show. They are first and foremost very attractive, friendly, model trained and well verse in the specification of the vehicles they are attending to. They used to be just eye candies in any auto show but their professionalism has seen much improvement over the years.

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2013 is back again this year after a ‘no show’ last year. Unfortunately this year, the auto show has somewhat shrunk in term of the number of car manufacturers and companies taking part. Off hand, I could see the absence of Proton, Malaysia’s own auto maker and Naza, one of the biggest auto importer in Malaysia. I don’t particular give a hoot about Proton since Proton cars are all over the streets and dump sites. If anyone wanted to have any inkling of what’s coming out from the Proton stable’s they just have to visit Mitsubishi and Honda booths and they could feast their eyes on what’s coming out from Proton in the next 30 years. What I miss was Naza’s stables of Imports like Maserati, Ferrari and other exotic parallel imported models.

The major European marques like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Land Rover, Jaguar, etc have been avoiding the Malaysian Auto Show like it’s some kind of bubonic plague. I don’t blame them as Malaysian Auto Industries are so protected and inward looking, they would rather spend their money in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. Malaysia is just too small a country to have it’s own auto brand, coupled with uncompetitive local market, lack of brains behind the brand and the zero level of automotive technologies. They should just close down already. Period.

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Malaysia’s 56th Merdeka Day in Pictures


Dateline: 31st August 2013

Malaysians of all creeds and races cast aside their political differences and childish bickering to celebrate the nation’s 56th Independence Day. Below are more photos of the Merdaka Day Parade held in conjunction with the national day celebration.

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The New Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week – Ready To Wear 2013

Syafinaz Selamat belting out a song made famous by Adele during the official opening ceremony of KL Fashion Week 2013/

Syafinaz Selamat belting out a song made famous by Adele during the official opening ceremony of KL Fashion Week 2013.

Today marked the day when the new Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week – Ready To Wear 2013 was officially opened. The event was presented by Kuala Lumpur City Hall and 2 fashion designers were fortunate enough to show case their collections during the opening ceremony. Although the event was delayed by nearly 1 hour, in the end Mr Andrew Tan, the founder of KLFW 2013, managed to pull off a spectacular opening act with performance by dance troupe from the KL City Hall and Ms. Syafinaz Selamat, who belted out 2 spectacular songs to mesmerized the spectators into submission.

Below are some of the photos taken during the opening ceremony.

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Malaysia Grand Prix Sale 2013 Launched

The beautiful fashion showcase in conjunction with the launch of the GP Sale.

The beautiful fashion showcase in conjunction with the launch of the GP Sale.

Kuala Lumpur, 16th March 2013

The Formula 1 Grand Prix returns to Malaysia this year, and with it, comes the exciting Grand Prix Sale which takes place from 16th March to 7th April, sweeping the nation with 23 days of glorious discounts and promotions.

The sale, which is supported by the Bukit Bintang-KLCC Tourism Association, was launched by Tourism Minister Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen at the Bukit Bintang entrance of Pavilion KL.

This was followed by a fashion show by models and production company Andrewmodels.

These sale campaigns and events are part of the Tourism Ministry and Tourism Malaysia’s initiatives of turning Malaysia into a leading international shopping destination, which has received international recognition. Last year, Kuala Lumpur ranked second best shopping city in the Asia Pacific according to the latest Globe Shopper Index, while CNN report listed Kuala Lumpur as the best shopping destination in the world.

Last year, Malaysia received 25.03 million tourists, with tourist receipts amounting to RM60.6 billion. Shopping contributed to 30.7% of the total tourist revenue, with a grand total of RM18.56 billion.

There’s no denying that tourism played an important part in the economic development of Malaysia. I just hope the government will be more proactive in improving the few sore problems that affected KL in particular – taxi service, cleanliness, snatch thieves and transportation issue in general.

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L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2012 Grand Finale – Part 2

“The Parisan House of Hairdressing” theme was a story that transmit the idea that hair as a piece of garment that can both embody and transcend fashion, therefore inspiring the hairdressers to see their craft as bespoke couture.

Prior to the winner’s announcement, guests were treated to a spectacular hair show featuring five established L’Oréal Artistic Ambassadors who lend their expertise in creating looks inspired by L’Oréal Professionnel Spring/Summer 2012 Colour Collection. Entitled ‘Artisanal Expressions’, Albert Nico, founder of Albert Nico Boutique Salon; Andy Chan, founder of AndyChan Hair Studio; Kevin Woo, founder of Centro Hair Salon; Miko Au, founder of Miko Galere and Simon Koh, founder of ELLE Hair Studio paid homage to “The Parisian House of Hairdressing”, celebrating the tradition of Parisan haute couture where the art of hairdressing is revered, practiced and perfected. The showcase transmitted the idea that hair as a piece of garment can both embody and transcend fashion, therefore inspiring the hairdressers to see their craft as bespoke couture.

The concept of ‘Artisanal Expressions’ looked into the artisanal work of craftsmanship, creating desire amongst other hairdressers. It is a continuing story of ‘La Couture’ and ‘Retro Nouveau’ with a modern twist with timeless vision of beauty. The story was unveiled in 3 chapters.

Photos of Chapters 1 and 2 were presented in Part 1.

Chapter 3 which is the ‘The Parisian House of Hairdressing’ will be showcased in Part 2 of this blog. Chapter 3 proved yet again why the 5 famed hairdressers were chosen as the L’Oréal Artistic Ambassadors. They were truly creative geniuses in the ‘hairy’ sense and I was really impressed with the combination of the hair pieces, makeup and garments which totally transformed the models into women of our wildest fantasies. A job well done guys!

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L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2012 Grand Finale – Part 1

Hairdressing’s most prestigious Award brought together excellence and innovations from young, creative, and talented Malaysians.

Kuala Lumpur, 20 September 2012.

L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2012 Grand Finale unleashed creativity beyond imagination with beauty in French Perfection!

L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2012, the Oscars of the hairdressing industry, culminated with an inspiring Grand Finale as 14 top finalists brought the competition to another level with extraordinary hair creations! The event also saw L’Oréal Professionnel’s 5 Artistic Ambassadors & International GUest Artiste whipped out an impressive showcase entitled Artisanal Excellence and Tribute to Beauty respectively. The shows concept reinforced the brand’s link to fashion and most importantly, reinventing the profession.

A Tribute to Beauty was aptly chosen as the theme for this year’s competition as it paid homage to the success and tribulations of famous hairdressers with styles that are distinctively French. HengThang Yih, GM of Professional Products Division, L’Oréal Malaysia commented, “This year, we celebrate a French story, a prevailing style, a higher sense of fashion and beauty in four aspects that reflect the French sense of beauty of L’Oréal Professionnel – Beauty in Hairdressing, Beauty in Women, Beauty in Life and Beauty in Arts.”

The Grand Finale was an extraordinary showdown where the 14 finalists showed what they were made of by presenting judges with amazing hair creations that were cutting edge, forward and evoked a sense of modernity. Some of the creations even phantom next season’s trends such as the colour of deep amethyst as seen on the Toyota Vios 1.5G Limited, which was prominent in the hair creations by the finalists.

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X Top Model Search 2012 – Malaysia Grand Final.

Tuti, showcasing her swimwear during the X Top Swimwear Show, styled by Jimmy Wong, Keith Chee and The Idan.

Sim Hui, Winner of X Top Model Search 2011, making a special guest appearance during the Grand Final of the 2012 edition.

Kuala Lumpur, September 15 2012.

The success of the X Top Model Search 2011 has once again paved the way for the extraordinary conclusion of the 2012 edition at a building aptly named The Icon! The success of X Top Model Search in Malaysia has proven to be a breeding ground for newly minted models in the Malaysia fashion and modelling scene. The inaugural edition last year has produced a few successful models that are now gracing the local magazines and fashion shows regularly. The method deployed by X Top Model Search organisation such as their intensive training program, special shopping malls appearances, brand’s thematic photography shoots, fashion modelling, fashion photography exposure and overseas exposure has proven to produce confident and well trained models ready for the local market.

Most of those that came for this year audition, brought nothing more than their hopes to enter the final selection. Most if not all has no background in modelling, and has never ever step on a runway before. And most  of them do not even know how to execute a decent cat walk let alone posing in front of the judges. But their transformation from a duckling to a graceful swan, within such a short period of time had not only stunned many sceptics but the contestants themselves. In this regards, I really have to credit the founder, Victoria Vikki and Event Director Kenji Chan for their undying commitment and positive attitude to develop the Model Search Industry in Malaysia and also their passion to see through the success of the models personally. Bravo for a job well done. I for one have been following their Organisation since their inception last year and I have to say I am truly impressed with what they have achieved thus far.

For 2012, the X Top Model Search edition has once again produced a stunning array of potential successful models judging by the quality of their cat walk and modelling personality. I wish them all the best in their future modelling endeavour. Good Luck girls! If you are interested to view all the photos taken during the event, click on Read More……. but be warned, there are more than 100 photos inside. 🙂

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Show in Malaysia

The legacy of Princess Diana lives on! Prince William is not only popular in Britain, he’s now a household name in Malaysia too. His visit to Kuala Lumpur this past 2 days has reaffirmed his popularity and his larger than life image as the handsome and dashing British prince.

September 14, 2012

When it comes to everything British, Malaysian certainly has some crazy obsession with 2 products from this country. One is the ever popular English Premier League (EPL) where Malaysians are more passionate about their EPL’s teams than their national’s football team. The country’s neighbourhood “Mamak” food stalls will probable go bust if EPL is banned in this country!

The second obsession is with the British royalty, especially during Princess Diana time. That’s why Malaysians from all walks of life come out in force to show their support and respect for the visiting future King. I guess this has also to do with the fact that Malaysia, like Britain is a country that still practise constitutional monarchy system.

Today we saw a huge turnout from tourists, well-wishers and Malaysians alike who are fans of Prince William and the ever beautiful Catherine Middleton. They were feted to an array of cultural performance from the diverse ethnic groups from the country. Nothing beats the experience more than some picture from some travel books. I truly hope the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do enjoy their short stay in Malaysia. The turnout itself says a lot about their popularity here and I do hope they will come back again for a longer stay sometime in the near future.

Welcome to Malaysia!

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‘BLACK GOLD’ of Malaysia – Watch it tonight on Discovery Asia Channel 551!

Smoke trail from a burnt piece of Agar Wood. Its resin is used to make incense, perfumes and other fragrances. It is also highly sought after by the rich and famous of the Arab World.

“Black Gold”

This highly elusive type of wood can only be found in the dense jungle of Malaysia/Asia. When the tree is healthy, it has no value whatsoever. But, when it’s sick, its value is worth more than its weight in gold! A kilo of the super grade ‘A’ Agar Wood’s aromatic resin could fetch a value of up to RM100,000! Now that’s what I called a super duper wooden Gold Rush!

In conjunction with Malaysia National Day celebration, Discovery Asia Channel 551 will showcase a documentary aptly called “Black Gold” in the “Eye On Malaysia 2” slot. If you have always wanted to know more about Agar Wood, aka Kayu Gaharu, Karas, Aloeswood, Eaglewood or Engkaras (aquilaria malaccensis) do tune in to this documentary which will be screened on 29th August at 9pm (tonight) Malaysia’s time.

Watch how the team of award-winning producer, director and editor, led by Chew Han Tah managed to find some of the last “Black Gold in Asia”.

Please note all photos are courtesy of Chew Han Tah and Jet TV Production!

For more information on Chew Han Tah and JetTV Production go to or JetTV facebook page.

The gold rush is now on!

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Super GT Queen 2012: Round 2 Audition @ Pavilion KL

Malaysia very own Motorshow Bombshell, Leng Yein posing with fellow judges, Levin Seow.

It won’t be called a Car Show or Motor Racing event if there are no beautiful women or sexy race queen to be seen. It’s even more pronounced if the racing event is imported from Japan, the land of raising sun famous for manga, anime, cosplay – gothic or otherwise, sexy maid cafes and everything cute, weird, sultry and out of this world!

But hey, if you are in dream land now, snap out of it! This is Malaysia. You ain’t going to see any sexy or “poke eye” clothing on any of these beauties here. But at least you can always imagine the sexy Leng Yein posing on top of her pink Hummer….. yummy!

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“Cake-Walk” at 175m above street level with Jessica Minh Anh.

What you can wear you can eat. The delicious looking cake dress was part of the more than 100 piece of clothing showcased during the J Spring Fashion Show held at Petronas Twin Towers's SkyBridge last night. The colorful cream on the edible cake dress must be super delicious. It definitely was good enough to be eaten right from the wearer's body. Otherwise why would Jessica Minh Anh be having a go at it? This would bring a new meaning to the phrase: It's a cake walk!

 Petronas Twin Towers’ SkyBridge. 19th March 2012.

Jessica Minh Anh pulled off one of the most spectacular fashion show in the capital city of Malaysia last night. Spectacular in the sense that it was held 175 meters above street level and on quite a narrow 58-meter long SkyBridge connecting both the Petronas twin towers. It was also the first time in the history of the Twin towers that an international fashion event was permitted on the 2-storey SkyBridge. That in itself was the main attraction for me to ditch another fashion event held on the same night for this one.

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Welcome to 2012!

Here’s wishing the Planet Earth, Happy New Year 2012! May 2012 brings more happiness and joy to her children and less anger from mother nature herself!

Revellers gathering at KLCC Twin Towers for the 2012 countdown were treated to a spectacular water fountains' dance and light show.


Canon Malaysia launches the new EOS-1D X flagship DSLR

The all new Canon EOS-1D X digital SLR on display at Canon Malaysia worldwide simultaneous launch today.

Kuala Lumpur, 18th October 2011

It was an exciting day today, especially for Canon professional DSLR users in Malaysia. As members of Canon Professional Services (CPS), we were invited to this exclusive launch of what was advertised as the groundbreaking flagship model. I for one are quite skeptical on any new Canon pro DSLR launches so far. I am one of those disappointed owner of the Canon 1D Mark III launched in 2007. So far the only camera from Canon’s stable that I am truly happy and satisfied is the 5D Mark II. But for me to buy another 1D model, it truly has to be an earth-shattering technological marvel! That was my state of mind before I went in for the unveiling of the new DSLR.

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Estée Lauder Model Search 2011

Noorfara Atilia Karim and Joanne Beryl Christine Stevenson ESTEE LAUDER MODEL SEARCH GRAND PRIZE WINNERS (CATEGORY A & B)

Event Date: 12 July 2011

This year I signed-up for the Canon Estee Lauder Photography competition again but I was kind of lazy to process the photographs that I have taken, until today. Furthermore, I joined a photography trip to Bali and Kawah Ijen a day after the Grand Finale. Therefore I have a really good excuse not to do anything with the RAW photos. Bottom line, I was just plain lazy.

Fortunately I felt kind of good today and decided to process and post some of the photos that I have taken.

Hopefully, it could make your day…… even if it is only one or two of you.

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X Top Model Search: “The X-traordinary Nite”

Aw Sim Hui, one of the X Top Model Search hopeful, is seen blazing down the runway at Sunway Pyramid Ice while showing the judges why she should be the X Top Model Search winner.

Kim Low, another X Top Model Search hopeful, strutting down the runway.

Foreword by Victoria Vikki Tjong – Excerpt taken from the X Top Model Search 2011 black book.

The great poet Kahil Gibran once said, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is light in the heart.”

X Top Model Search 2011 Malaysia is created based on the idea of searching for the one personality that embodies the Malaysia beauty and lives its magnetism. Beyond just a face, it is about someone that who is fortified with character – a fadeless, eternal style which can only be captured by an expression of individualism mixed with charisma, forged by courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity. The French has a description of the certain quality which we are looking for, characterized by the phrase “je ne saia quoi,” something that you cannot put your finger on to, but it’s there, just the same – the X factor.

For the contestants, X Top Model Search 2011 will be a platform to pursue their dreams and to attain a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain international exposure. Instead of the usual route, where the aspiring model would need to audition tirelessly – X Top Model Search 2011 will provide a fast-track passage to glamour and haute couture; a dream ticket to fame. The winner will debut on the catwalks of Beijing Fashion Week, where the global fashion elite will be, and have a chance to experience what a real international model’s life would be in Paris and New York!

Personally, I am proud to be featuring the contestants of X Top Model Search in my blog as I could see the progress all of them made from the day when they came for the audition to the day one of them were crowned the X Top model Search winner. I could still recollect during their first audition, how they were so inexperienced in their catwalks and their posing were akin to my grandmother walking down the runway. Some were in and out of the runway in 2 seconds and some were seen posing like 2 years old learning how to walk. But today I am proud to report that, after nearly 5 weeks of training and grooming in Malaysia and Hong Kong, they are more than ready to challenge the existing crops of runway models in Malaysia and one of them will have a chance to prove that she is capable to reach the supermodel status of the likes of Ling Tan, Ai Tominaga and Amber Chia.

X Top Model Search organizer has really succeeded in searching for a batch of potential raw models and transforming them into real models that has great potential in the fashion industry. The will only be one winner but the rest could stand proud knowing that the training and exposure has open up a world of opportunities for them. Now the world is their oyster and they could decide whether to delve into the modeling business or go back to their ordinary lives. Whatever they do next, they would have learned greatly from the short but helpful training with priceless exposure in this competitive modelling industry. I am sure this exposure alone would have changed lives and alter the directions some of them would take in the near future. Whatever the direction this dreams take them, I wish them all the best in their future undertakings. There is no success without failure. Good lucks girls.

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Round 3 Super GT International Series Malaysia: Race Day

The start of the GT500 race with grid leader, Weider HSV-010 in the front pack.

The start of the GT300 race with grid leader, Hatsunemiku Goodsmile BMW in the front pack.

Race Queens from RIRE Racing.


The SUPER GT is the fastest Super Grand Touring car race in the world!

It is also a race which has the biggest number of car makes participating. In the GT500 category, three major Japanese manufacturers will compete against each other – Honda, Lexus and Nissan. In the GT300 class, you will find Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mosler, Corvette and Subaru.

The difference between the SUPER GT and other races is that it is one of only a few races in the world which allows fans to get up close and personal with the drivers and cars.

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X Top Model OPEN CASTING: Day Two

Wow.... is that X enough for you? The contestants for the X Top model search are really a confident and talented lot. I am sure the 10 shortlisted contestants will produce more jaw dropping moments like this.

Sunday June 12, 2011.

The X Top Model search has gone into its second day. Yesterday close to 15 hopeful applicants turned up for the first open casting session. After the first day mistakes made by some of the young and inexperience contestants, today we saw a more compose and brave contestants taking the runway by storm.

Most of the young girls are probably fresh from high school and quite inexperience in the art of taming the runway. Some made some really glaring mistakes but a few of them are really quite good, considering most of them are really new at this.

Following are more photos of the happenings on the first session of the second day. I will try to attempt to point out a few glaring mistakes made by some of the contestants, from the point of view of a photographer. I am not a trained runway expert (and I will never be), so please excuse my lack of intimate authority on this subject.

Some of the examples and critiques I shared on my blogs are for learning purposes and are not meant to demean any contestants. We learn by sharing and if you feel slighted by my comments, do send me an email and I will delete your photos at once. Similarly if I am wrong in my assessment, do email me and I am happy to learn from anyone.

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X Top Model OPEN CASTING: Day One

A contestant for X Top Model Search showing off her runway skills to the judges.

Saturday June 11, 2011.

The X Top Model search has begun. Yesterday close to 30 hopeful applicants turned up with their 3-inch heels, 1 tube top, a short and most important of all, their dream to be the first winner of X Top Model Search 2011!

Most of the young contestants came armed only with their dreams and dreams alone. A handful have some training on the runway, judging from their polish and confident walks. But all of them are beautiful and worthy to earn a spot in the final selection.

One word of advise to the hopeful coming for today open casting though, please be confident on the runway. Take your time and show the judges why you should be selected. Don’t get panic and walk up and down the runway in 2 seconds! The judges and photographers present don’t even have time to register your presence there, let alone judging you or taking your beautiful photographs.

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X Top Model OPEN CASTING: “Searching for the X Factor”

X Top Model Search 2011 Malaysia: Open Casting @ Sunway Pyramid Orange Concourse.


Would you like to challenge yourself? If you think you are the missing link with the “X-Factor” and you are ready to prove that you are worthy to be the next X Top Model, by all means, grab your kits and head on to Sunway Pyramid Orange Concourse on the 11th or 12th of June, 2011. You might just re-write your own future!

X Top Model Search 2011 Malaysia: Are you the ONE?

Victoria Vikki Tjong being flanked by Supermodel Amber Chia and Cay Kuijpers at the launch of Malaysia's X Top Model Search 2011.

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 June 2011 – This is it! The much-awaited model search, X Top Model Search 2011 is poised to be the toast of the town when it rolls out into town at this exclusive launch today. New faces, new attitude and a new place on the hottest and sexiest model search. Co-created by Centre for Attention Sdn. Bhd X NUDE, a leading PR and creative design company in Malaysia, X Top Model Search 2011 is also held in collaboration with Hong Kong Elite Model Management.

This search will bring you the amazing transformation of everyday young women into the next “Amber Chia”, “Tengku Azura”, “Ling Tan” and the list goes on. For the next few weeks witness the drama, challenges, hardship and grit that take place as these beauties fight it out to grab the incredible grand prize which includes the opportunity to debut the runway at the Beijing Fashion Week, a modeling contract with Elite Hong Kong Model Management and to follow an international supermodel on an exclusive trip to Paris/ New York for castings, runway shows and of course cash and prizes worth RM100, 000.00

What are you gals waiting for? If you think you have that elusive “X-factor” and you can handle the pressure of being subjected to a series of training and challenges, by all means sign up now! You might just be the “ONE”.

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iPad 2 is officially launched in Malaysia today!

Finally, the iPad 2 is here in Kuala Lumpur..... and arguably the cheapest iPad 2 in the world outside of US.... Price starts from RM1,499 and go all the way up to RM2,499 depending on configurations.

Date: Friday 29th April 2011.

The long-awaited Apple iPad 2 has finally arrived in Malaysia. Although it’s late compared to the more matured market, it is still an exciting event for Malaysian, judging from the long queue forming outside the many Apple authorized resellers in and around Kuala Lumpur. Most of the Apple die-hard fans were queuing up at the outlets even before the malls were opened for business. Not to be missed out on the event, I was there 10 minutes before the official opening time and I have to say I truly enjoyed the hype and the buzz that are always associated with Apple product launch in any countries.

Although I am very happy with my original iPad, when I got hold of the white iPad 2, I immediately fell in love with the gadget, but too bad, each of us were only allowed to purchase one unit only. Oh well, maybe another day. This new iPad 2 with the striking pink cover is going to be a gift for my college-going daughter. I hope she will be happy with the surprise gift. 🙂

If you do not have to get the sexy device immediately, my advise is to purchase the right model via Apple online store – you can choose the right configuration, right pricing and the right color! And you do not have to wait in line and get stuck in traffic jams. But if you just can’t wait like many Malaysians, myself included – What are you waiting for? Go to your favorite store and get one today. You will not be disappointed! 🙂

Time : 9:50am ..... and I am number 20 in the queue. By 11:00am the line grew to more than 80 people long....


Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Awards 2011 – “A Moulin Rouge Affair”

One of the Burlesque designs conceived by Alexis Saw during the final Showcase of the night.

Kuala Lumpur 8th April 2011.

Dress-code: Sexy Burlesque.

After attending a series of STYLO’s fantastic galas over a period of 1 week, it finally culminated in the grand finale gala presented by Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Awards 2011 with the theme: “A Moulin Rouge Affair” and “The Burlesque After-Party.”

A series of Fashion and Fashion-related crowns will be dished out to the deserving winners, among them: Designer of the Year; Model of the Year; Emerging Designer of the Year; Supermodel Mentor and Industry Achievement awards.

This year, the STYLO event will also present one of London’s most exciting designers – Ara Jo. She will feature her latest Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection. Her creation has been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Jamelia, Solange Knowles and Leona Lewis to name a few.

And to top off the most exciting night in STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2011, Mouawad will also unveil the world’s most expensive purse valued at USD3.8 million in Kuala Lumpur. This I think will be the highlight of the night for most of the ladies in attendance at the Mercedes-Benz Burlesque gala!

For more photographs of the exciting red-carpet, by-invitation only event scroll further down, either to re-live the event or to be there virtually…..

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VISA presents: “Aladdin’s Harem” at the STYLO Fashion Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur 2011

Dato' Nancy Yeoh and Mr. Stuart Tomlinson of VISA were certainly dressed for the occassion at the VISA "Aladdin's Harem" gala last night.

Kuala Lumpur, 7th April 2011.

Visa presented an evening of fun and high fashion at the Scarlet Theater last night. The fashion of the night was influenced by the highly acclaimed  box office movie “Sex and the City 2” and “Aladdin” featuring a line-up of Malaysia biggest names in fashion such as Khoon Hooi, Melinda Looi, and Edric Ong, past winners of the Mercedes-Benz STYLO Designer of the Year Award.

Master hairstylist Andy Ho was also featured in a highly intricate presentation of hair and head masterpieces with Tangoo fashion house. Together they dressed and styled the 12 finalists of the Ford Models Supermodel of the World Search Malaysia 2011. It was certainly an evening to be remembered by the guests, participants and fellow photographers.

Below are more photos for your viewing pleasure.

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Tourism Malaysia presents: The Glass Slipper Gala

A model showcasing a design by Carven Ong during The Glass Slipper Gala.

Kuala Lumpur, 6th April 2011.

Last night, the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia presented “The Glass Slipper Gala” in conjunction with the International Shoe Festival that will be officially launched this coming weekend. The evening fashion show was tailored to the fairytale story of “Cinderella… and her supposedly Ugly Stepsisters”.

Although Malaysia might not be the fashion capital of the world (or close to it), we can be proud of our own designers that are bold, creative and dare to be different. I salute all the designers for their tremendous effort and their unique imagination!

More photos from the other half of the gala will be updated later. I am sure you would want to know what happened to Cinderella! 🙂

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Inaugural Creative Asia Photography Conference kicks off to a great start

There is no one more qualified than Joe McNally to provide the opening keynote to the inaugural Creative Asia Photography Conference in Malaysia. From a hardcore news photographer to the person known as the lighting man - he is well loved by the large audience in Malaysia. His keynote topic that rock the house was: Reinventing Myself, 30 Years On.

Kuala Lumpur, dateline January 19 2011. The inaugural Creative Asia Photography Conference kicks off to a great start in Malaysia. It is attended by more than 150 photography enthusiasts and professionals from 18 different countries in this region. It is an impressive number of participants considering it is the first photography related conference to be organized for participants in Asian regions. Kudos to Louis Pang and his wife, for their insight and brave venture into unknown territories. Judging from the responses of the participants, I am confident it will become the “not-to-be-missed” yearly photography event in Malaysia and this region for many years to come. I for one, will look forward to participate in this event again next year.

An impressive lineup of professional photographers were scheduled to speak in the 3-day conference. Besides Joe, the others are Michael Greenberg, Daniel Capobianco, Dane Sanders, Jason Magbanua, Manny Librodo, Louis Pang and Mike Langford. World Class indeed!

For more information go to: Creative Asia.

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