Auto Show Models @ Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2013


Professional Auto Show Model has come a long way in ensuring a successful motor show. They are first and foremost very attractive, friendly, model trained and well verse in the specification of the vehicles they are attending to. They used to be just eye candies in any auto show but their professionalism has seen much improvement over the years.

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2013 is back again this year after a ‘no show’ last year. Unfortunately this year, the auto show has somewhat shrunk in term of the number of car manufacturers and companies taking part. Off hand, I could see the absence of Proton, Malaysia’s own auto maker and Naza, one of the biggest auto importer in Malaysia. I don’t particular give a hoot about Proton since Proton cars are all over the streets and dump sites. If anyone wanted to have any inkling of what’s coming out from the Proton stable’s they just have to visit Mitsubishi and Honda booths and they could feast their eyes on what’s coming out from Proton in the next 30 years. What I miss was Naza’s stables of Imports like Maserati, Ferrari and other exotic parallel imported models.

The major European marques like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Land Rover, Jaguar, etc have been avoiding the Malaysian Auto Show like it’s some kind of bubonic plague. I don’t blame them as Malaysian Auto Industries are so protected and inward looking, they would rather spend their money in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. Malaysia is just too small a country to have it’s own auto brand, coupled with uncompetitive local market, lack of brains behind the brand and the zero level of automotive technologies. They should just close down already. Period.

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Vibrant Springfield @ Fashion On 1

Supermodel Tinie doing her groceries in a bright & beautiful red dress from Springfield.

Once in a while we will see fashion show where the stylist will dress up the models with more than the brand’s dresses and apparels. They will use their creativity to adorn the models with anything under the sun, such as head gears, shades, arm candies and even colorful socks. So it’s quite refreshing, when Springfield showcased their Spring Summer collection with models carrying sun flowers, groceries bag and even having their models biting the flowers by their steams. Nice touch!

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X Top Model Search: “The X-traordinary Nite”

Aw Sim Hui, one of the X Top Model Search hopeful, is seen blazing down the runway at Sunway Pyramid Ice while showing the judges why she should be the X Top Model Search winner.

Kim Low, another X Top Model Search hopeful, strutting down the runway.

Foreword by Victoria Vikki Tjong – Excerpt taken from the X Top Model Search 2011 black book.

The great poet Kahil Gibran once said, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is light in the heart.”

X Top Model Search 2011 Malaysia is created based on the idea of searching for the one personality that embodies the Malaysia beauty and lives its magnetism. Beyond just a face, it is about someone that who is fortified with character – a fadeless, eternal style which can only be captured by an expression of individualism mixed with charisma, forged by courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity. The French has a description of the certain quality which we are looking for, characterized by the phrase “je ne saia quoi,” something that you cannot put your finger on to, but it’s there, just the same – the X factor.

For the contestants, X Top Model Search 2011 will be a platform to pursue their dreams and to attain a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain international exposure. Instead of the usual route, where the aspiring model would need to audition tirelessly – X Top Model Search 2011 will provide a fast-track passage to glamour and haute couture; a dream ticket to fame. The winner will debut on the catwalks of Beijing Fashion Week, where the global fashion elite will be, and have a chance to experience what a real international model’s life would be in Paris and New York!

Personally, I am proud to be featuring the contestants of X Top Model Search in my blog as I could see the progress all of them made from the day when they came for the audition to the day one of them were crowned the X Top model Search winner. I could still recollect during their first audition, how they were so inexperienced in their catwalks and their posing were akin to my grandmother walking down the runway. Some were in and out of the runway in 2 seconds and some were seen posing like 2 years old learning how to walk. But today I am proud to report that, after nearly 5 weeks of training and grooming in Malaysia and Hong Kong, they are more than ready to challenge the existing crops of runway models in Malaysia and one of them will have a chance to prove that she is capable to reach the supermodel status of the likes of Ling Tan, Ai Tominaga and Amber Chia.

X Top Model Search organizer has really succeeded in searching for a batch of potential raw models and transforming them into real models that has great potential in the fashion industry. The will only be one winner but the rest could stand proud knowing that the training and exposure has open up a world of opportunities for them. Now the world is their oyster and they could decide whether to delve into the modeling business or go back to their ordinary lives. Whatever they do next, they would have learned greatly from the short but helpful training with priceless exposure in this competitive modelling industry. I am sure this exposure alone would have changed lives and alter the directions some of them would take in the near future. Whatever the direction this dreams take them, I wish them all the best in their future undertakings. There is no success without failure. Good lucks girls.

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X Top Model OPEN CASTING: Day Two

Wow.... is that X enough for you? The contestants for the X Top model search are really a confident and talented lot. I am sure the 10 shortlisted contestants will produce more jaw dropping moments like this.

Sunday June 12, 2011.

The X Top Model search has gone into its second day. Yesterday close to 15 hopeful applicants turned up for the first open casting session. After the first day mistakes made by some of the young and inexperience contestants, today we saw a more compose and brave contestants taking the runway by storm.

Most of the young girls are probably fresh from high school and quite inexperience in the art of taming the runway. Some made some really glaring mistakes but a few of them are really quite good, considering most of them are really new at this.

Following are more photos of the happenings on the first session of the second day. I will try to attempt to point out a few glaring mistakes made by some of the contestants, from the point of view of a photographer. I am not a trained runway expert (and I will never be), so please excuse my lack of intimate authority on this subject.

Some of the examples and critiques I shared on my blogs are for learning purposes and are not meant to demean any contestants. We learn by sharing and if you feel slighted by my comments, do send me an email and I will delete your photos at once. Similarly if I am wrong in my assessment, do email me and I am happy to learn from anyone.

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STYLO Fashion Ball 2011 – “New York Glamour”

This year, STYLO secret location is at Chin Woo Stadium. The stadium has been tastefully transformed into a scarlet theater complete with neon signs and beautiful red drapes.

Kuala Lumpur, 4th April 2011.

This year, the STYLO festival’s curtains go up with the unveiling of the inaugural STYLO Fashion Ball themed “New York Glamour”. It’s an event for the “be seen” to be seen, and it is touted as the ball of the year with supermodels, fashionistas, socialites, corporate big wigs and F1 drivers expected to grace the red carpet.

It will also mark the first official appearance of the Ford Model’s Supermodel of the World Search Malaysia 2011 finalists. Also taking to the runway are hair creations by master hairstylist Winnie Loo and a fashion showcase by Zang Toi.


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