KLFW RTW 2014 Featuring Joe Chia



KLFW RTW 2014 featuring design from Joe Chia – Photo Credit: Zoe Gan

In 2010 Joe Chia graduated from Raffles Design Institute, and with the vision of seeing his designs being worn by people on the streets, his eponymous label – JOE CHIA RTW was launched in 2012. JOE CHIA embodies classic, timeless and experimental pieces to be worn for years. Therefore, instead of following trends and the seasons, collections are launched in a sequence of chapters whereby each piece in every chapter narrates its individual story.

The label’s clothing language is the celebration of the designer’s innate Malaysian heritage. The label has increased a distinctive attention for details and functional qualities, whilst maintaining a strong connection to urban roots. “The Silent Drama,” described Joe.

All photos featured in this post are courtesy of Zoe Gan, a young photographer who specialized in Fashion Photography.

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