MODA’s Annual Unity 2013 Gala – More Designers & Brands


A beautiful design from Karl Ng that was presented by the model as a flower blooming in the freshness of Spring……

Kuala Lumpur, 4th july 2013

America may be celebrating their independence day on 4th of July but here in Malaysia, we have our very own little annual celebration by the Malaysian Official Designers’ Association (MODA) that features some of the prominent Malaysian Designers and Fashion Brands that have inspired many new Malaysian Designers to international stardom.

The night started out with the grand entrance of some of the designers with their muses and fashion creations, followed by a short parade of 10 young up-coming designers with their interpretation of fashion inspired by Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. The main feature presentation of the night was of course the fashion showcases by the 30 prominent Malaysian Designers and their Brands. This year’s event saw some of the best and latest design masterpieces being unveiled in front of the many celebrities and VIPs invited for the gala show.

More designers and brands will be updated in this post.

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